10 Ultimate Animal iPhone Games

10 Ultimate Animal iPhone Games


10 Ultimate Animal iPhone Games
If you love animals and you love your iPhone, then here is the ultimate list for you! Ten of the greatest animal iPhone games known to man are listed in this article, with links to their full review. Oh, and if you don’t happen to like animals, then perhaps you should check out Sheep Launcher, in which you get to send a sheep rocketing into outer space! Enjoy!

1. Hungry Shark – Developer: Future Games of London, Price: Free nullHungry Shark - Part 2+ - Future Games of London

hungry shark iphone app review

This vicious yet amusing app puts the player in control of a shark that clearly hasn’t eaten in a while. It is your job to keep your ravenous predator alive, and the only way to do this is by munching anything in your path. Innocent fish floating past or people minding their own business are on the menu. The more your shark eats, the bigger and stronger he gets. Just watch out for the hunters who aim to end your lunchtime in the most brutal of ways – only they can stop your dominance of the ocean.

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2.Tiny Wings – $0.99, Developer: Andreas Illinger nullTiny Wings - Andreas Illiger

App developer Andreas Illinger has devised an iPhone game so simple that you could play it with just one finger, thumb, toe or any other protruding part of your body, if you were so inclined; all you have to do is touch the screen when the ‘Tiny Wings’ bird is travelling downhill to gather momentum and release it just before you begin going uphill in order to allow your bird to realize its dream of flying, despite its, uh, Tiny Wings. As you hop from island to island completing such challenges as collecting points and touching the clouds, you can collect sun tokens and boosters that speed the bird on its way, which is useful as the game revolves around a battle against the setting sun; once nightfall arrives, it’s Game Over.

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3. Sheep Launcher – Developer: Atomic Bullfrog LLC, Price: $0.99 nullSheep Launcher Plus! - Kronos Games

sheeplauncher iphone app review

Sheep Launcher fulfils every boy’s teenage fantasy, (no, no that one, weirdo), and allows you to launch a bleating sheep, pig or frog into the atmosphere, sending them higher and higher the more you tap your screen. On their voyage you can navigate the stratosphere to collect handy items such as helium tanks, rocket packs and flying saucers; if you manage to grab a few stars on the way, then your score will increase.

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4. – Developer: Nexx Crunch Sdn., Price: £0.59 Pig Shot - Nexx Crunch Sdn. Bhd.

The crux of pig shot is to catapult your pig along the grass, avoiding obstacles such as sheep and hedges along the way, until you reach another catapult to continue your forward momentum. Tilting the iPhone to control your oinking character, (choose from either Maggie or Bacon!), you collect gold stars that add points to your score, as well as cabbages for gas boosts and ‘go faster’ arrows that will give you a little extra speed. As soon as you stop rolling or hit something in your way, the game is over and your score tallies up to how far you have gone and how many gold stars you have collected. Simple and fairly effective!

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5. Angry Birds – Developer: Rovio, $0.99 nullAngry Birds - Clickgamer.com

Being able to launch a feathered missile into a pig shelter and watching trotters fly as your Angry Bird detonates an atomic egg, all the while on the bus to work is going to take some beating, (no pun intended…honestly). With the app developers Rovio regularly updating the themes with the latest ‘Ham Em’ High’ set of levels featuring pigs in cowboy hats, it would take something pretty special to knock Angry Birds off its perch.

Read the full review of Angry Birds vs. Tiny Wings.

6. Chicks – Free, Developer: Triniti Interactive Limited nullChicks - Triniti Interactive Limited

Chicks iphone app review

One day, a group of chicks was exploring a meadow when they discovered a mysterious hole in the ground. Being curious and innocent little creatures, they decided to poke their heads in for a look. Little did they know it was a portal to another dimension! Now the chicks have fallen into a strange world of obstacles, deserts, and glaciers, and they need your help to escape! Use the tools at the bottom of the screen to guide these chicks back to the meadow before time runs out and the portal closes!

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7. Flick Fishing – $0.99, Developer: Freeverse, Inc. nullFlick Fishing - Freeverse, Inc.

Flick Fishing iphone app review

Fully animated “living” environments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create the best fishing game available! Cast the line with a just a flick of your wrist. With a skillful combination of bait, location, and technique you’ll hook a fish — now you just need to reel it in! Reel carefully to avoid snapping the line and losing your fish. Larger fish are strong, and won’t be hauled in easily! With 7 fishing locations, 9 types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments and dozens of unique species of fish, Flick Fishing is an unrivaled fishing simulation, and just plain fun. Includes the ability to play against your friends with Network and Hotseat play! Show off your latest catch via email using the “Brag” feature.

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8. Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2 – Developer: Hong Fai Wong Taplay.com nullTappi Bear All in 1 - Pack 2 - Taplay Limited

How fast are your fingers? Fast enough to conduct an orchestra? Keep a football in the air? Serve donuts to an increasingly demanding collection of teddies? Put your tapping skills to the test with Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2. This is the second compilation of games starring the adorably 2D Tappi Bear, a follow up from the original pack released last year, (pack 2 includes five new mini games, read them here.)

As you play the various games, you earn Game Center achievements, as well as virtual coins which can be spent on Tappi Bear wallpapers in the in-app gift store.
Tappi Bear All in 1 is a fantastic looking application, with its cute characters and animations.

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9. An iPhone App For A Dog’s Charity?!

Most people would think that you were barking up the wrong tree if you suggested keeping a virtual dog on your iPhone; however, ‘Mobile’ of twentysix digital marketing agency have joined up with Dogs Trust, the largest dog welfare charity to create iMutt, a fantastic app that gives iPhone users an impossibly cute virtual rescue dog to tend to for five days, including giving him regular walks, feeding, grooming and generally keeping your new best friend as happy as possible in order to help him find a new home!

Read the full interview and review of iMutt.

10. Unicorn Disco- Developer: Unicorn Labs, LLC., Price: $1.99

Have you ever shared a dance floor with Frankenstein, Mona Lisa and a dancing Monkey? Thought so. If you want to re-live that wonderful night, (was it at Charlie Sheen’s house, by any chance?!) then all you have to do is download Unicorn Disco, an app that creates characters from the photo library on your iPhone and then gets them to dance around to your own playlist.

Read the full review of Unicorn Disco here.

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