TRYO App Makes Shopping for Clothes Easy

TRYO App Makes Shopping for Clothes Easy


I never thought that using augmented reality to shop for clothes would be possible. But it surely is possible with the TRYO app for iPhone. There’s no reason to go to the store or order things online only to find that it does fit. TRYO eliminates these issues and allows the user to virtually try on clothes and accessories from the comfort of their bedroom.

TRYO gives you the ability to see what a pair of shoes, hat, sunglasses, watches and much more would look like without having the actual item in your hands. Using AR technology you can see what the item will look like from multiple angles and see if it’s the perfect fit. You can discover the latest gear from top brands such as Gucci, Adidas, Cartier, and much more. Mix and match to see if what you’re trying suits your style. And if you are not sure then you can ask your family or friends their opinion by sharing through social media.

TRYO is easy to use. Simply open the app, grant access to your camera and you are all set to find the latest fashion. Once you find what you like then you can go ahead and order it through a link within the app.

The app works amazingly well and it quickly detects your wrist, face and feet with no glitches at all, even in low lighting.

This is a massive change to how we will be shopping in the future and it’s definitely the way forward. Imagine using just your iPhone to find clothing and order them in seconds.

TRYO is available on the App Store and can be downloaded for free.