Share, Stream and Discover Great Music with the SPRK Music App

Share, Stream and Discover Great Music with the SPRK Music App


There are a lot of talented musicians out there that have yet to hit the mainstream. They will have amazing voices and musical talent but finds it hard to get to the top. That’s because it’s such a difficult industry to crack. The days of walking into a music studio and handing your tape to a producer have long gone. Nowadays artists have to rely on social media to grow their fanbase. One platform that’s really helping people get discovered is SPRK Music app. It uses social media and video streaming to create the “perfect music community”.

SPRK Music allows fans to search through a vast genre of music by talented artists to listen to. And if you are an artist you can upload your music and discover by one of the many music labels scouring the app to find the next big musician. With SPRK Music, you can easily upload and promote your music videos, images, and music information to your personalized music profile and artist biography to share with fans, industry professionals, and music talent scouts.

SPRK Music allows you to browse music and artists by genre, region, instrument, and more ways to find music from the large genre directory available. Artists can grow a loyal fanbase and get feedback and star ratings about their music.

SPRK Music is easy to get started with. Sign up for free and confirm your account details, and upload your music so millions can start watching and listening. You can then connect with the community for collaborations with artists from across the world. Promoters and music labels and brands will be able to get in touch which can potentially lead to that long-awaited breakthrough.


Build A Loyal Fanbase

– Stream music on SPRK MUSIC to listen to the artists, genres, and beats you love

– Music artist bios and profiles connect and engage you with your fanbase

– Upload your photos, music videos, and content to our Artist Directory

– Follow other artists on the platform, message users, leave comments and ratings

– Fans and artists can discover music around the world

Meet & Collaborate with Musicians

– Discover music collaboration opportunities with musicians and artists around the world online

– Play songs, meet and record together to create the ultimate song collaboration

– Both up-and-coming and well-established artists are looking to collaborate with talented musicians

– Stream music from other artists and decide if you want to collaborate all through SPRK MUSIC

– Our app makes it easy to network with multiple artists across multiple genres

Get Discovered & Get Gigs

– Get in front of music labels, venue managers, concert promoters, and industry scouts

– With a profile and music library on SPRK, you can get scouted for gigs, events, and concerts

– Artists from around the world are currently being discovered by fans and talent scouts

– Access a network of record and music labels

Download SPRK Music now to get discovered. Available for free on App Store and Google Play.