Total Turret: Cool New Retro iPhone Game

Total Turret: Cool New Retro iPhone Game


Total Turret iPhone App Review

Finally! A turret game! The boys behind this one were nice enough to make it easy starting out. Not so nice later on though.

You, the turret must shoot the incoming tanks. Think of it as “last turret standing”. What start out as orange harmless tanks soon become BLUE! And then PURPLE!! And then-.

I won’t ruin the experience of the entire game just to be able to tell you that playing this reminded me of “the good old days”. Ahh yes; those days when my parents would make me memorize Bible verses just to play the turret game. More about that another time.

There definitely is a retro look to the game as you move forward and each levels presents itself in a new light (quite literally) and gets increasingly challenging. The font, the colors and the feel all work together in Total Turret to get you in the mood. I can just hear my mom yelling at me to “…get OFF the computer and clean your room! NOW!”

Just when you think you’ve destroyed the last tank, there’s one right behind you, shooting you down! I’m definitely going to keep the game for a bit, just so I can found shells and missiles into those tanks when I’m angry!! Haha!



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