iSquares: The Loop Hole

iSquares: The Loop Hole


iSquares iPhone App Review
Possibly the funniest part about playing an iPhone game and liking it, is discovering a loop hole in the game and then using it to rack up the highest score. This is the case with iSquares.

The futuristic music reminds me of Moby. And I like Moby, which is great because the endless loop in the game soundtrack doesn’t get annoying. No matter, there’s an off switch anyway.

What’s cooler than the Moby music in iSquares however is the loophole I have discovered. My high score of 76 will soon beat the top master (the developer of this game, Ben Radler. I really can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out that now he has to sit down for another few hours and:

A) Figure out what the loop hole is and patch it up (because I’m not telling him)
B) Beat my high (cheated) score with an authentic one.

There’s a possible (C) too: He might try to kill me for leaking this info out. Head on over to the iTunes store, download and install iSquares. Then see if you can find the glitch in the game and beat my “loophole score”.

I’m sure you can’t.  =)



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