Top Five Hottest iPhone Apps For The Week

Top Five Hottest iPhone Apps For The Week


Top Apps for the week
It has been an epic week considering that we only get to spend February 29th every 4 years. What have you guys been up to in that meaningful day? I spent my week collecting five of the hottest iPhone apps you might be interested in. Here’s a sneak peek on what they are:

5. SideWalk: Like A Swipey Beavis And Butthead SideWalk - WE MAKE PLAY LTD

In SideWalk you take control of a little dude called Fro. Fro is an aspiring graffiti artist who has to prove himself on the mean streets by spraying paint all over the place and bashing up thugs. The graphics have a kind of crappy Beavis and Butthead look to them and the painting options don’t really have enough detail to allow you to actual create anything proper when graffiti-ing. The one element that I like about this game is that you can sync it up to your FaceBook and upload your creations; other players can then like and dislike what you’ve done.

4. Munch Up: Gobbledygook Munch Up - Inspire Interactive

Munch Up looks great, with its quirky cartoon style and its colour user interface. The aim of the game is to throw fruit at animals that are passing through whichever terrain you are currently in. The aiming is very stodgy and it is difficult the gauge how far you are about to throw. Seeing as ‘throwing’ is pretty much the whole point of the game (I think), this is something that needs a lot more attention. It may not be the most fluid and easy to grasp game of its kind, but there are plenty of levels to play through, so if you do get the hang of it then you’ll have plenty of content.

3. Off The Leash: Run Doggy Run Off The Leash - Big Pixel Studios

The absolutely adorable graphic styling of Big Pixel Studios is evident yet again in its newest offering. The game looks great, plays great and is incredibly addictive. The simple controls mean that anyone can pick it up, yet the huge bundle of missions keep gamers on their toes and coming back again and again. Fantastic graphics, easy to play yet hard to put down and an all round fun game. Oh and yes, this app is FREE!!

2. Stache Booth: Tash-tastic Stache Booth - Jon Davis

Introducing Stache Booth: a smart looking little app that functions in the same vein as many of the Pivi & Co apps that came before it – FatBooth, AgingBooth etc. Put simply, you snap a picture and add one of 32 different furry friends to your top lip. Plus, you can post it on Facebook, Twitter, or send it in an email via the app.

1. Master Pro Tools In One Week Master Pro Tools in One Week - Incorporated

Pro Tools 9 is the pinnacle of home recording technology, allowing you to create and entire song with no instruments, master pitch-correction to professional levels and learn to mix tracks like your favourite DJs. However, there’s a catch; the reason why recording engineers and producers charge so much is that it’s actually pretty tricky to become an expert at producing quality recordings, even when using Pro Tools. That’s where this app comes in. For just $4.99, Master Pro Tools In One Week promises to teach you everything that you need to know about Pro Tools 9 by compressing 4 years of an Audio Engineering degree into 4 hours. The app is really user-friendly, with key stages documented in your ‘Progress’ report, learning techniques that are used in the production of every platinum record in the charts, all from your bedroom.



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