CloudMagic: Makes Finding Emails A Simple Task

CloudMagic: Makes Finding Emails A Simple Task


CloudMagic iPhone App Review

Picture this situation and tell me when it starts to sound familiar: your boss sent you an email last week, telling you what to bring to today’s meeting and how to get there. The meeting starts in an hour, but you just can’t manage to find that email. Somehow, you forgot to store it, and now you’ll have to go through a weeks worth of emails in order to find it. Sound familiar yet? I thought so. Fortunately, after downloading CloudMagic, you’ll never have that problem again.

What CloudMagic does is simple, it allows you to search through all your emails by keyword. Just start typing, and any emails with that word will be brought up. So if you were to type in “iPhone”, all emails that have iPhone written in them will appear. But that’s not all it indexes. In addition to Gmail, it will also search your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Twitter, Google Apps, Docs, Contacts, and Calendar. And all this is accessible through their iOS and Android apps, or through their Chrome, Firefox, or Safari extensions. So no matter where you are, CloudMagic will be there for you.

On a more advanced note, CloudMagic offers some pretty sweet features once you find the article you were looking for. For instance, you can reply to any email. Or Retweet, Send as a DM, or reply to any tweet. You can even choose a contact, and see all the emails he or she has sent to you. And all this happens without leaving CloudMagic, you stay in the app the entire time.

I’ve been using CloudMagic for several weeks now, and already I’m dependent on it. I mostly use it for Gmail and Twitter, but my productivity levels are higher than ever. I would like to see some more networks integrated in, like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, but I’m not to worried. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Either way, if you’re someone who relies on Google products, I highly recommend CloudMagic. Its a free app, so grab it while it stays that way!


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