Top Cryptocurrency Apps

Top Cryptocurrency Apps


Are you interested in bitcoin or another digital currency? If so, you’ll start by downloading an official wallet, if available, for the currency you’re trading. However, this is just the first of many helpful resources you need to add to your phone. Download some of these popular cryptocurrency Apps and programs to not only hold your currency but also track the market, make trades, and keep abreast of the latest news and analysis.


Coinbase, available for iPhone and Android devices, is a fantastic tool for those who want to trade cryptocurrencies. Unlike a wallet for storing your preferred currency, this app allows you to buy and sell one cryptocurrency for another. Coinbase connects you with merchants and enables you to make purchases or sell to other users as well. You can also use the app to track the price of bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other currencies.

This app is one of the best on the market for converting digital currencies to the money used in your country. If you link a bank account or credit card number, you can convert cryptocurrency to USD or another denomination. The app also works as a wallet.

Most features of Coinbase are free to use. However, transaction fees and other charges apply.


This free app, available for iPhone and Android users, is an excellent tool for tracking exchanges. Users download it to input trading pairs, prices, and other information from an exchange and to then follow their portfolio’s progress. This gives users instant access to how trades are performing. Other features include access to market data from a variety of crypto exchanges and to a comprehensive market list that includes all digital currencies.

Adding transactions is a primary function of this app, but users also download Delta for its easy-to-use alerts. Use the software to watch market prices and set personal alerts to notify you if the value of a currency rises or falls past a certain value.


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Available on the Google Play store, this free app is a storage solution for bitcoin and Ethereum. You can also use CEX.IO to purchase cryptocurrency using your country’s fiat currency. In addition to the app, you can download software for either a laptop or desktop, so you can manage purchases and trade where you prefer.

CEX.IO is one of the best apps that offers margin trading. Features such as automatic funds borrowing, negative balance protection, and guaranteed stop loss make the program appealing for this purpose. Users also download this software to track market data. Whether from your computer or your phone, you can use CEX.IO to compare cryptocurrency prices against each other and against your country’s fiat currency.


CryptoTrax, available for iPhone and Android users, is an app you’ll want to download as a complement to your digital wallet. Though you can’t upload your currencies or make trades, CryptoTrax is a comprehensive resource for market and portfolio tracking. It has data on over 500 cryptocurrencies as well as Ethereum tokens.

A handy feature of this program is the ability to set price alerts. If you want to buy or sell when a digital currency reaches a certain value, simply set up a notification. CryptoTrax also gathers the latest news stories for you to view from the app. You can download the software for free.


For Apple users, CoinCap is a great way to monitor the value of cryptocurrencies. Like some of the other apps on this list, you can use this software to track the market trends of the currencies you’re interested in. Set up price alerts, and choose to receive notifications based on price highs or lows or to only receive daily or weekly updates on your portfolio. Moreover, this app can sync with social media accounts, enabling you to easily share info to those channels. CoinCap is free to download and use. Wallet Wallet is a Google Play-only app that’s a wonderful tool for those who need a digital wallet and tool for handling other day-to-day aspects of cryptocurrency investment. Its many practical features include balance checking and the ability to make payments using your digital cash. You can buy, sell, send, and receive Ethereum, and you can use the app to load prepaid phones and pay balances with participating billers. also allows users to withdraw cash instantly from all 7-Eleven locations and many other businesses, banks, and ATMs around the nation. Using the app, including making person-to-person transfers, is free. Cryptocurrency is a global financial portal, and thanks to this app for Apple and Android devices, you can take advantage of the company’s breadth of financial information and tracking tools made specifically for cryptocurrency. Download this app if you want real-time market data and the ability to create price alerts as well as gain access to breaking news and cryptocurrency analysis. The app also has a simple currency converter among other investing resources. The app is free to download and use but does contain ads.


CryptoTrader is only available on Apple’s App Store, and one of its strongest selling points is its straightforward interface. You can set up push notifications to alert you to price changes while you monitor data on the Poloniex, Bitfinex, GDAX, and Okcoin markets. Another key feature of this free app is the ability to interact with real-time price charts. CryptoTrader also stores aggregate and historical data to help you monitor and predict trends.


Cryptonator is a comprehensive portfolio management app that allows you to display information via a widget. This is ideal for quickly checking market data from your home screen without having to launch the app.

This Google Play exclusive is free to download and use. It has wallet functionality and supports multiple accounts and multicurrency accounts. You can instantly exchange currencies, make payments in euros to your wallet, withdraw money, and much more. Cryptonator also enables you to send digital currency directly to other users.

You can use your phone for so much more than just storing your digital coinage. If you’re serious about cryptocurrency trading and tracking your investments, make sure you’re taking advantage of these nine powerful apps.


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