Top 5 iPad News Reader apps

Top 5 iPad News Reader apps

Top 5 iPad News Reader Apps

As a media consumption device, one of the first apps that you’ve probably downloaded on your iPad is a news reader app. It was what I did when I downloaded Fluent News Reader for iPad.  Then other news readers came out and I still downloaded them despite the fact the Fluent News Reader was more than enough for my needs. So, now I’ve got five news reader apps on my iPad, alternating their use while eventually liking two of them.

So, which news reader app is among the best right now? Which news reader app should you download on your iPad? Read our top iPad news reader round up to help you decide.

Fluent News Reader

Fluent News Reader

Like I said, this is the first iPad news reader app that I download and used. It aggregates mobile versions of top news sources and lets you categorized them into up to 3 sections that you prefer based on the keyword searches. It’s fully customizable – allowing you to promote one news source over the other by disabling a news source. If you want to fully customize it some more, a premium version is available for a fee.  The app gives you the complete articles minus time-delays, text-pinching or leaving the app. Fluent News Reader includes news from top sources including Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNN and more. Although this app has what you could possibly need to get your daily news fix on your iPad, it lacks the brevity, spontaneity and innovativeness of the interface provided by other similar apps.

Download Fluent News Reader for iPad.

Pulse News Reader

Pulse News Reader for iPad

What Fluent News Reader for iPad lacks in presentation, Pulse News Reader provides in abundance. Pulse is an awesome news reader. In fact, awesome maybe an understatement because this app certainly makes news consumption the not-so traditional way. The app is a visual news reader that lets you cull up to 20 news sources and presents them in a grid-like, mozaic format. The moment you tap on a news grid, you will be presented with the complete version of the news in a simple, easy-to-read display. The app also features offline sync, making it possible to catch up on your news feeds even when your iPad is not connected to the Internet. The only drawback that I can think of about this app is the limited number of news source that t allows you to add (20 news source).

Download Pulse News Reader.

Reeder for iPad

Reeder for iPad

In case most of your Google Reader news items are from various news sources, then you’d be better off reading them on your iPad using Reeder app. It’s a Google Reader client that lets you browse your Google Reader account by feed or folders and manage your starred items and notes. Reeder for iPad features a simple interface and layout and gives several options to view your Google News Feed. Bottomline is that this app is more for functionality and usefulness rather than aesthetics.

Download Reeder for iPad.


Flipboard for iPad

Fresh from its grand debut last week, Flipboard got the hype it needed when top blogs and bloggers covered it.  The app is being touted as a social media app which lets you get your Twitter and Facebook updates and display it via the app’s cool, sleek and innovative magazine-like interface. Aside from Twitter and Facebook, you can practically add anything news sources that you want and it will be reorganized by the app, the Flipboard way. It’s like having multiple magazines of different news and social media streams under one iPad interface.  You have to try this app to really appreciate its worth, as not all may like it.

Download Flipboard for iPad.

The Early Edition

The Early Edition for iPad

Unlike the four previous news reader apps on this list, Early Edition is the least popular in terms of news coverage. In fact, if you’re not familiar with its iPhone version you wouldn’t know that there is already an iPad version of this great news reader app. The Early Edition offers just enough of both functional interface and design and features that you’d normally want a news reader app to have.  What you’d appreciate about this app is the fact that it lets you filter your news feeds by the last fetched item, items fetched for the day, all dates and previous editions.

So, which is the best iPad news reader app? That would still depend on your preferred way of consuming news feeds. As for me, I’m more inclined to choose  The Early Edition for its simplicity and functionality.

Download The Early Edition.


  1. I use pulse and Reeder. Pulse looks great and has the advantage of having the thumbnails on the home screen, plus the advantage of being able to see last three articles for each feed. Reeder on the other hand synchronises beautifully with Google Reader and also does a better job of formatting the whole article with full size picture.


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