FitCoach for iPhone will get you in shape

FitCoach for iPhone will get you in shape


fitcoach for iphoneReleased 06 July 2010, By GlaxoSmithKline UK, (Powered by Lucozade), £FREE

Finding it hard to loose weight? Do you need constant support to keep you on track? Well, there’s nothing like a personal instructor to keep you motivated and thanks to FitCoach you can keep one in your pocket at all times.

Whatever your goals, FitCoach can help you reach them. Maybe you want to boost cardio, increase endurance, loose weight, tone up or just look better naked. With a customisable eight week plan, including nutritional advice in your daily routine this has the knowledge of an instructor which you will need to get the most from your work outs.

However busy you are and no matter which lifestyle you lead, FitCoach can be tailored to your weekly routine. You can dedicate as many days for exercise as you wish and organise your eight week plan from the built in calendar.

For gymnasts and pioneers in the world of fitness, this new app may not meet the advanced level of guidance required. But for everyone else this really could be motivating. For example, there’s a percentage progress bar and you can record your weight loss and have it shown on a graph. You can even add variety by selecting new exercises from the library and keep them as part of your personal plan.

Watch and learn new exercises
Watch and learn new exercises

Not sure what some exercises require? Well the many videos available will iron out any confusion. Don’t worry about your iPhone’s memory being swallowed up…. the videos are only downloaded when you choose to play them. They are stored in a cache and can be easily deleted.

Some users claim that not all the videos are working or that they’re for different exercises but here at the iphoneappcafe we’ve had no problems so far. Others have also suggested the option to add your own exercises and we agree this would be a good feature.

Thanks to it’s clutter free and simple interface, it’s easy to use. The amount of information and customisable options available is pretty impressive. It may be a promotional tool for Lucozade but who cares, it’s free, unlike the competing app 1000 Exercises which although similar costs £3.49.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a goal and start your private boot camp.


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