Top 5 Hottest Apps This Week

Top 5 Hottest Apps This Week


The Tiny Bang Story HD iPad App Reviewed

Right after the Valentine fever subsided, it is just natural that you will find yourself with nothing interesting to do with your partner. A good alternative to sitting in the couch, watching lame tv shows is to check out the five favorite apps that came through this week. Here’s a short glimpse of what they are and you will certainly end up wanting to have them all.

5: Recipe Genius: Be A Whizz In The Kitchen Recipes Genius - Jourist Verlags GmbH

This app will provide you with a large database of gourmet dishes you can try cooking for your home. The colors are bold and bright drawing attention from the user. I know many of us enjoy a pretty app despite its content. Most of the ingredients can be hard to find in many areas making it hard for a self-proclaimed chef to create. It can be really frustrating to find a recipe you really want to try only to find out that many ingredients can’t be found at your local market or health food store but only specialty shops that are hours away. If you like international cuisine, this app could be a good start. Great photos and lots of great features like the amazing notes section where you can take notes or write in your own recipes, complete with photos.

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Super Crate Box iPhone App Review

4: Super Crate Box: Addictive Box Collecting Super Crate Box - Vlambeer

This game is quirky, charming and incredibly hard to put down. The whole aim of the game is to collect crates, as you go about your business doing this you are under constant attack from various sized monsters falling from the top of the screen. This gives the game a great retro, almost ‘Donkey Kong’ feel. Each time you collect a crate, within it is a new weapon for you to use against the monsters. Here’s where it gets fun/frustrating! Some weapons are great, killing monsters dead with one shot, others are difficult to use, especially the disc thrower, which when used usually ends in accidentally chopping yourself in half.

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3: MilliTalk: Save Money On All Calls MilliTalk - Millicorp

Gone are the days when you had to worry about making a long-distance or international call due to high cost of communication. Thanks to voice over IP, 3G technologies and mobile VoIP, the calling rates are much affordable. MilliTalk is one such solution for those people who desire or require making international calls frequently. This is a smart communication app, which turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod into a cost effective communication devices.Instead of monthly payments, you just need to purchase an annual deal for free minutes. It offers 14 days trial with pretty good features, while the formal complete yearly package.

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2: Real Aquarium HD Pro: Explore the underwater world! Real Aquarium HD Pro - TapMedia, LLC

This Real Aquarium HD pro app will educate and captivate your sea life interests. The app is presented beautifully using high definition footage of underwater animals and sea life, which captures the interests of its users. It is highly educational, with a built in encyclopedia of ocean life, which presents users with fascinating facts and information. Students would greatly benefit from searching through this interactive app, which may be the preferred choice over their Science lessons! A great added feature of this app is that users can wirelessly stream the aquarium videos to an Apple Television.

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1:  The Tiny Bang Story HD: Save The World On Your iPad The Tiny Bang Story HD - Colibri Games

Basically, everything was peachy on Tiny Planet, right up until a massive meteor struck and the little world fell apart; luckily you are there to restore Tiny Planet to its former glory, helping its natives build a new world amidst the chaos of destruction and debris that the meteor has left. You’ll have to solve puzzles and answer clever little brain teasers in order to complete all five chapters of the game. As your hunt for the missing jigsaw pieces continues, you have to think of intuitive actions such as building machines to find new clues, as well as encountering interesting little characters who offer helpful hints along your journey. It really is a very entertaining game that will get players of all ages thinking and laughing along the way.

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