Top 5 Hottest Apps In February 2012

Top 5 Hottest Apps In February 2012


RhymieStymie Plus iPhone App Review

February is perhaps the most loving month in the entire calendar, the time of the year where people become more caring, loving, sensitive, and thoughtful. How can people remain grumpy when cupid is just around the corner, shooting his proverbial arrows and touching people’s hearts? But for some, the highlight of the month isn’t really celebrating Valentine’s Day but in being able to download amazing iPhone apps. 

Kayak Pro iPhone App Review

5: Kayak Pro: Don’t Get Stuck At An Airport Without A Paddle KAYAK Mobile PRO -

This is everybody’s favourite web-based flight tracking tool is available on the iPhone as a freebie with occasional adverts, or as a Pro version. One of the most popular iPhone travel apps, Kayak lets you compare flights and presents live status information, in addition to hotels and car rental deals. The app is very intuitive and easy to use, but the Pro version doesn’t offer much in the way of functionality over the free one.

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Off The Leash iPhone App Review

4: Off The Leash: Run Doggy Run Off The Leash - Big Pixel Studios

This absolutely adorable graphic styling of Big Pixel Studios is evident yet again in its newest offering. The game looks great, plays great and is incredibly addictive. The simple controls mean that anyone can pick it up, yet the huge bundle of missions keep gamers on their toes and coming back again and again. Fantastic graphics, easy to play yet hard to put down and an all round fun game. And what made it the absolutely loveble is the fact that it is FREE!

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EcoAppsFree iPhone App Review

3: EcoAppsFree: Where Greening the World Goes Mobile EcoAppsFree - Fullcircle Innovations

Looking for eco friendly free apps? No need to search iTunes when this app delivers them right to your device. Having one new app a day may not be enough for some folk, but there could me more if all users did their part to report the eco friendly apps they find in iTunes. The app has a good start, just needs a bit more material. It allows for push notifications, and have the app emailed to you or your friends. But the best thing about this app is that it is FREE!

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Jewel Frenzy iPhone App Review

2: Jewel Frenzy: Surprisingly Addictive Jewel Matching Jewel Frenzy - INZMORE

At first glance Jewel Frenzy seems incredibly familiar; a grid of various coloured jewels, 90 seconds on the clock, and the sole aim of taping blocks of three or more of the same coloured to make them disappear. We HAVE heard it all before, but there’s just something about Jewel Frenzy that I find charming and very difficult to put down. Very simple game to grasp, incredibly easy to get a quick fix when you’ve got a spare minute or two.

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RhymieStymie Plus iPhone App Review

1: RhymieStymie Plus: A Classic Rhyming Words Game RhymieStymie Plus - the complete rhyming word game - Jay Bacal

The RhymieStymie Plus is a fun and challenging word game, based on rhyming words. Users can choose from a variety of themes for their game, ranging from animals, celebs, food, characters and many more! This plus version has over 880 different puzzles to keep users entertained! The app is very easy to use and contains some eye-catching graphics and effects. It’s a great time filler and very addictive. Users have 6 chances to find all the correct letters in the two rhyming words or they lose that game. Helpful hints are also available but for those that like a challenge, the higher scores are achieved when hints are not used and when letters are selected in the correct order.

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