Investment Pro Stock Picks: Real Stock Advice from the Experts!

Investment Pro Stock Picks: Real Stock Advice from the Experts!

Investment Pro Stock Picks iPhone App Review
Buy!!! Sell!!!

They say life is a gamble and full of risks! It is embedded in us to take precautions in our daily lives to minimise risk, like wearing a seat belt in the car and double checking that we have turned off the iron before leaving home. Sound familiar? This Investment Pro Stock Picks app is like your personal seat belt when investing in stocks and shares, making it more of a secure thing rather than a gamble! Serious finance and business users need to invest in this app!

Pros: The app collects real, daily stock picks from expert portfolio managers, who are based around the world. This keeps potential and current investors updated and in the know! Insider buying and selling reports are presented, along with market news and valuable research. Investor education articles are regularly updated giving users ample, reliable and trusted advice. The app is very user friendly, straightforward and interactive. The layout of the home page gives clear advice on which stocks are worth buying or dismissing, which are also colour-coded in red and green, making them stand out. The social media tab is also a great feature, allowing users to share this valuable and insightful information with colleagues, friends and family. Users can also search an archive of past stock picks, allowing them to follow trends and patterns in investments. This app is also great value for money, as the benefits of knowing this vital expert information could lead to great financial investments!

Users are advised to check the app daily, in order to keep updated on useful stock picks, valuable research and market news. Happy investing!!!


  1. Thanks for the find. App lives up to it’s word: Real stock picks from real portfolio managers. Not some no-name person making picks. A lot of valuable info flows in daily from experts. Really impressed with what I got for $2.


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