Top 3 Sport Apps For iPhone

Top 3 Sport Apps For iPhone



Writing this article brought back a distant memory. I used to be a major basketball fan in my youth. I’d live and breathe the NBA, the teams, fixtures and jerseys. I couldn’t actually watch any games, but that was immaterial to the excitement of just being (sort of) in the know. When I hit mid-teens I discovered the excitement of football and rugby; these days it’s Pirlo who gets most of my admiration. The NBA was forgotten and left behind. In the course of writing, I checked up on my old favourite team, the LA Lakers. They’re playing tonight as it happens, against Washington, who are not exactly favourites to win. Good ol’ Lakers. I wish I’d had access to some of the following apps as a youngster; my eager friends and I could have really had our fingers on the pulse. Here are the Top 3 Sport Apps for iPhone!

3 – ESPN SportsCenter XL

ESPN is the granddaddy of sports channels in the States and has a dedicated following all over the rest of the world for fans who want to keep up to date with the US sports scene. Their SportsCenter XL is a supercharged update to their wildly popular ScoreCenter, and features an array of new features geared toward keeping fans on the edge and in the know. The app gives users instant scores and updates on the biggest games of the day, as well as breaking news and team/game analysis across a wide variety of sports. For anyone with a penchant for the gigantic arena of US sports, this is a must have.


2 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

The Premier League is renowned as the ultimate yearly football tournament. The clue is in the title. The League’s official app comes to us in the form of the ever-popular fantasy football. Being official, the game boasts 3 million players and the coveted title of the most popular game of its genre in the world. The major thrill of course is assembling a team of crack players from the Premier League’s familiar faces and facing them off against other super-teams. Knowledge is power here; the more you know about the game, the better your odds. There’s also some luxurious real world prizes to be one each season, so the stakes are high with this one!

1 – Yahoo Sports

In at Number One is the all-knowing, all-seeing Yahoo Sports. Featuring a smart, speedy interface with access to the stats and breaking news of practically every sport under our sun, Yahoo Sports is the king of the competitive sports apps. It covers American leagues such as the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL and more, while also providing equally in depth coverage on the European football (or soccer as they call it over yonder) leagues, such as the Premier League and Italian Serie A. Filled to the brim with stats, fixtures, news, rosters, schedules and much more, Yahoo Sports covers it all and should appeal to both casual fans and hardcore followers.


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