Top 10 iPhone 5 Accessories

Top 10 iPhone 5 Accessories


Now that you have your iPhone 5, what kind of goodies can you get for it? Accessories of all kinds are available for your iPhone to match the kind of person you are. Whether you need protection for your phone or greater versatility for its features, you can find what you’re looking for in nearly any style that you like.

1. White Hard Case

This high-impact resistant case can keep your iPhone 5 protected from a variety of circumstances. Perfectly fitting for your iPhone, the case provides excellent protection from accidental drops or objects landing the device. Don’t worry about dropping the phone on the cement ever again.

White Hard Case

Price:  $8.99

Link: White Hard Case

2. Sports Armband

Listen to MP3s, phone calls, and more as you exercise with your iPhone 5 safely attached to your arm. The locking mechanism ensures that your phone isn’t freed from the safety of the band and your music and apps can be accessed with a touch while on the move.

iphone armband

Price: $26.95

Link: Sports Armband

3. Leather Skin

Let’s face it, leather always feels better to us for some reason. The textures and soft feel of a leather-bound iPhone could keep it in your hands longer. This leather skin also provides a layer of protection for your phone.

leather skin

Price:  $19.99

Link: Leather Skin

4. Customized Skins allows users to customize the skin for their iPhone’s using any image saved on his or her computer system or favorite photo service. Including size scaling, rotating, and background color settings you can create a truly unique skin for your iPhone.

iphone customized skin

Price:  $40.00

Link: Customized Skins

5. Natural Case

These Natural Cases are made from real wood and are Eco-friendly. The real-wood finish can give your state-of-the-art iPhone a rustic look while providing additional durability against possible damage. Several designs are available to suit the look that fits you best.

iphone natural case

Price: $49.99

Link: Natural Case

6. Omni Case

This easy to snap on case uses magnetic strips in order to convert it into a stand in order to watch video and games using a landscape view. The magnetic strips also allows you to attach the phone to a variety of magnetic devices such as metal tables.

iphone omni case

Price: $18.95

Link: Omni Case

7. Windshield/Dashboard Car Mount

Mount your iPhone 5 to your car in order to utilize GPS, maps, music, and much more as you drive. This iOttie device provides a hands-free situation that can keep you informed as you drive your vehicle.

 Dashboard Car Mount

Price: $19.99

Link: Windshield/Dashboard Car Mount

8. Lambskin Leather Folio

This genuine leather folio case fits your iPhone 5 perfectly and provides a great deal of protection from nearly anything. Matching cutouts on the folio allow you to use every feature of your iPhone without ever removing it.

lamskin leather

Price: $19.99

Link: Lambskin Leather Folio

9. Universal Apple Stylus Pen & Laser Pointer

Use the power of your iPhone 5 in meetings and conferences with the Smart Dot Apple stylus and laser pointer. Control the laser through the use of your phone for a variety of situations…even as a toy for your cat to chase.

universal apple stylus

Price: $29.99

Link: Universal Apple Stylus Pen & Laser Pointer

10. Turbo Charger 7000

Store enough power to charge your iPhone up to five times with this emergency power pack. Two devices can be charged simultaneously and the unit comes with a variety of charging attachments to fit your needs. This is a great addition to any survival or camping gear.

turbo charger

Price: $74.95

Link: Turbo Charger 7000

Accessorizing your iPhone can become addicting as you view all of the features you can unleash. Some will increase the practicality of the phone while others are merely aesthetically pleasing to look at. As this is based on your own style and interests, there is no right or wrong answer for what accessories to buy for your iPhone 5.
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