Pindolo: Your Daily Time-Filler (Sponsored)

Pindolo: Your Daily Time-Filler (Sponsored)


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They say that variety is the spice of life and, if this is the case, Pindolo is as piquant and app as they come. Delivering a unique set of songs, quotes, comics, and games to your iPhone’s screens every day, this is one app that will give you five minutes of fun every single day.

Essentially, the app is your wake up call, radio, newspaper and comic book all rolled into one; you can tap the Goodmorning Song button and listen to what tune is going to serenade you (and there are some really cool and innovative tracks on here, trust me), whilst you peruse the comic book strip that refreshes itself each day. Then you can see which famous figures were born or what special occasions occurred on today’s date (stocking up on good chit-chat ammo for the office) as well as an inspirational, amusing or deft quote for you to drop into conversation later in the day. For the young at heart, Pindolo also offers a new game to fiddle with as well as ‘Tips of the Week’ which have a whole range of subject matter but are always useful.

pindolo iPhone Apps Review
Great tune…

The great thing about Pindolo is that it’s such a valuable time-killer; there are few days that go by when we’re not waiting for something – a bus, an elevator, a hot dog in the microwave (I know, gross but easy…) – and Pindolo allows users to fill that gap by learning fun facts.

Like with many ‘Lite’ and ‘Full’ apps, the Lite version is always going to be sparser when it comes to the good bits; whilst Pindolo Lite gives you a decent overview of what the app is about, it is limited when it comes to the music and games section. If you enjoy these elements of the app then it is advisable to upgrade to the full version.

pindolo iPhone apps Review
Too true…

The social networking side is also very cool; if you discover that your pal’s birthday is on the same day as Robert Redford’s, you can use the in-app functionality to share this information on his Facebook wall. You also have an archive to the previous days and months of information, so don’t panic if you miss a few days!


This is a really fun, multi-faceted app that can add a little boost to your day, every day.


  • The usability is top-notch, as are the graphics.
  • The archive function means that you don’t have to view it every day…but I bet you will!

Room For Improvement

  • I’d love a ‘Jokes’ page!
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  1. As soon as I read your article, I just downloaded “Pindolo”, is true is just a fun app with unique content. I like very much!!!


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