Thursday iPhone News Round Up

Thursday iPhone News Round Up


Warner Bros have launched ‘App Editions’ of their favourite movies, which will allow film fans to stream or download the movies for an additional fee along with a whole other load of extended content including movie trivia, quizzes and soundtracks.  Among the first films to be released to the app will be The Dark Knight and Inception.

A meeting of Presidents is set to occur, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and Apple Ceo Steve Jobs prepare for a chat with President Obama in San Francisco tonight as his heads of business meet-up is confirmed.  Obama stated that Jobs was an, ‘impressive example of the American Dream’…best behaviour boys!

And finally, giving a whole new meaning to getting a protective case, your iPhone can now direct you to the nearest condom shop!  Horny New Yorkers can now download an app that is sponsored by the NYC Health services that uses GPS technology to direct them to the nearest place that gives away free condoms…and that’s a wrap!


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