10 Best iPhone Apps on a Night Out

10 Best iPhone Apps on a Night Out


10 Best iPhone Apps on a Night Out
On a night out a lot of people don’t like their friends whipping out their iPhone and showing off their shiny new apps to all who will listen. These people tend to not own an iPhone. Now for all those who are not living in the past, this article will show you the future of social togetherness, conversation starters and well-being on nights out on the town!

1. Drinking Games – App updated Dec 17 2010, Price Free, Developed by FAR Apps Drinking Games - FAR Apps

drinking games iphone app review

Before a big night out drinking, I believe everyone likes to have a cheeky tinkle to get you in the mood. However if you are low on money and don’t fancy spending too much at the poncey, over-priced club you’re heading out to, or you just fancy getting hammered for the night, then this is the app for you. With over 75 different drinking games to choose from you are bound to find one to tickle your fancy. With games such as “Ring of Fire” and “Flip the cup” this app is definitely one to break the ice at a party and is bound to get you started for a night out.

2. BAC Calculator – App updated Jun 15 2010, Price Free, Developed by jxn interactive BAC-Calculator - jxn interactive

bac calculator iphone app review

Ever wanted to see how drunk you actually are? Ever wanted to know whether you have the confidence to go and speak to that beautiful girl by the bar? Well this app can’t help you pull, but it can show you just how pissed you are. By simply selecting your sex, weight, hours you have been drinking and what you have been drinking, the BAC Calculator shows you at what stage of drunk you are e.g. “sober, fuzzy, really buzzed” etc. The app also shows what your behaviour and impairment should be like. However, as the night goes on, it may become increasingly difficult to calculate how “fuzzy” you are…

3. Local Concerts – App updated December 2, 2010, Price Free, Developed by iLike Concerts

local concerts iphone app review

Stuck on what to do on a night out? Fancy checking out a gig? Whichever city or town you are in, this app will find you a local gig to go to. Local Concerts identifies your current location and finds you the nearest popular concert. Also, on planning for a gig in the future, the app has specific sections where you can input your favourite artists and it will tell you when and where they are next playing. Rock & Roll.

4. WhatsApp – App updated Feb 2, 2011, Price $0.59, Developed by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger - WhatsApp Inc.

whatsapp iphone app review

No one likes to lose their mates at the beginning of the night; whether it’s the drunken buffoon who has already had one too many and stumbled off on his own, the horny predator preying on the women or the hardcore drinker hanging by the bar, the fact is we all have these friends. Now, for just £0.59 you can save you’re credit and contact those maverick mates as often as you like with a simple instant message such as, “Where the hell are you?!” or something along those lines.

5. AroundMe – App updated 4 Jan 2011, Price Free Developed by Tweakersoft AroundMe - Tweakersoft

around me iphone app review

Now, AroundMe is apps-down the best app for a sober plan for the night. When you are all sitting around at someone’s house deciding where to go, AroundMe does what it says on the tin. Wherever you are, this app will find you wherever you want to go in your current location. Whether you are looking for a pub to begin the night at, a hotel to stay in, bar to go to or a coffee house for the morning after, this FREE app has got it all.

6. Bars & Clubs – App updated 29 Sep 2009, Price Free Developed by Michael Quach Bars & Clubs - Michael Quach

bars and clubs iphone app review

As good as AroundMe is, it helps if you are sober when using it. When you have all had a fair few and are out on the town feeling fairly fuzzy, you want to know where the nearest bars and club are to you within click of a button (or the touch of a screen). With categories ranging from gentlemen’s clubs to gay bars, wine bars to live music clubs and local pubs to dance clubs, you are sure to find a bar or club of interest very near with this handy app.

7. iPint/Zippo Lighter – Price Free

Zippo Lighter – App updated 19 Nov 2010, Developed by Skyrockit Virtual Zippo® Lighter - Skyrockit

zippo iphone app review

iPint – App updated 12 Aug 2008 Developed by Beattie McGuinness Bungay iPint - Beattie McGuinness Bungay

ipint iphone app review

When you get to a bar or club you always see those annoying, poncey guys showing off to the girls with their new iPhones and their latest apps… now is your chance to be one of those guys. These two apps are probably the first two apps you would install onto your new iPhone. With the iPint app you can ask one of your mates or even risk it with a random girl to get you a pint without even speaking; just simply get their attention, pour yourself an iPint whilst grinning, nodding and pointing continuously between your iPhone and yourself… timeless humour. With the Zippo Lighter app you can also impress the ladies with the classic line “Need a light?”; at this point you whip out your iPhone to reveal that it is only a clever app simulating a Zippo lighter. Instant conversation starter.

8. iDaft 2 – App updated 5 Jan 2011, Price Free, Developed by Samuel Vermette iDaft 2 - Samuel Vermette

idaft 2 iphone app review

Whenever you hear that piercing, auto-tuned sound of “work it, name it, send it… blah blah” coming from the table behind you in the bar, you know you secretly want a go on it. You also know that all your mates do and girls will definitely want to have a play with it. The free iDaft app is definitely a guilty pleasure; but for free, it is definitely worth it for the entertainment value.

9. iKebab – App updated 21 Oct 2010, Price £0.59,Developed by BeLocal Limited iKebab - BeLocal Limited

ikebab iphone app review

When you stumble out of the club, all you want is lovely, juicy, ridiculously unhealthy kebab. When you see piles of chavs and drunkards pouring into the nearest chippy, this app will help you instantly find a different option. For just £0.59, iKebab will show every single kebab shop your current location has to offer. Ignore the busy ones, grab your mates and sneak to the one round the corner with no queue and get stuck into your kebab right away! No need to think of the reason why the kebab shop round the corner isn’t busy…

10. Call a taxi – App updated 18 Jan 2011, Price £1.19, Developed by Networking 2.0 Call a Taxi - Instantly find a taxi-cab, anytime, anywhere. - Networking 2.0

call a taxi iphone app review

Again although AroundMe is brilliant for a sober plan of transport for the night, it might possibly be a bit of a muddle to use when you are under the influence. With a simple click, Call a taxi app will instantly find the nearest and cheapest taxi rank anytime and will call the number for you. So wherever you are, when everybody is ready to go home and your vision is a wee bit blurry, be the hero of the night and merely reach inside your pocket, grab your iPhone and look for the little green app with “TAXI” on it, and you’re gravy.


  1. Great tips, thanks, I’ll be sure to use at least on or two of these on my next night out!
    The iPint app particularly should be a fun conversation starter!
    I have also come across another really cool app for a great night out called Stampfeet. Its a loyalty card for your iPhone, so if you get your card stamped on your iPhone while enjoying your pint, go back a few times and do the same and then get a freebie! It also has an around me function so you can find participating bars and other businesses near you.
    Now there’s a great night out – free drinks anyone?


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