The Top Five Apps That Made it Through The Month Of October...

The Top Five Apps That Made it Through The Month Of October 2011


Tapsteriods iPhone App Review

Sure, everyone became absolutely busy finding what Halloween costume they think would best suit them during the first week of November. But let’s take some time and try to take a look at the five most prominent Apps for the month of October based on the number of Facebook shares. You will be surprised at how they wonderfully caught many people’s attention. Here they are:

5: PingMe Messenger: Another Great Messenger App PingMe Messenger - RadiumOne Labs

PingMe comes with a lot of features you can use. You will be able to fully take advantage of message receipts, status updates, cross platform, group chat, and an easy registration are just some of what it boasts. And unlike other messaging apps, they added geo- location, which allows you to see where your PingMe buddies are on a map. They also make it really easy to find your friends, either through scanning your address book or connecting with Facebook. In addition, you can invite someone to join PingMe from the app, via Twitter or Facebook.

4: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions Review FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: THE WAR OF THE LIONS - SQUARE ENIX Co., LTD.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions is an RPG classic that fans of the genre cannot afford to miss. The graphics in the game are quite good when you consider their PlayStation roots. The animations for magic attacks also look really good and surprisingly run at an even better frame rate than the PSP version. Whether you’re a fan of the original cult classic, or just a fan of good JRPG’s the price of admission is worth every penny.

3: Photo Tangler HD for iPad: Blend your photographs into amazing collages! PhotoTangler Collage Maker HD - Solid Eight Studios LLC

This creative app allows you to easily select a range of photographs and turn them into artistic collages, which can then be saved in your photo library. You can label each collage and collate your favourite photographs together into beautifully presented collages. Photo Tangler HD is a fun, creative app that allows you to select a range of photographs from your camera or photo library and blend them together to create artistic collages. There are a vast amount of background colours and tones available for you to easily personalise your collages, which adds amazing effects. The app also allows text to be added to collages, which is a useful feature. Photo Tangler HD is easy and quick to use and looks amazing on the large iPad screen. You can experiment with a range of photographs by resizing them, blending them, removing them, freezing them and changing the direction and orientation of them.

2: Craigslist!: Essential App For Craiglist Fans Craigslist++ - Escargot Studios, LLC

The Craigslist!: Essential App For Craiglist Fans is probably the best app you could ever have on your iPhone. It automatically uses your location for placing you in the right city. It also displays colors are easy on the eyes. On top of that, the text is easy to read. Its main category page has nice graphics. Furthermore, it allows you to log in to your own Craigslist account and not many apps offers this option. What’s best about this app is that you can create and post to Craigslist within the app. You may also be able to email posts to your friends. And it provides you with the ability to map the location to get directions. More than anything else, it will be able to make your business international as it supports multiple countries.

1: Tapsteroids: I pick up Tapsteroids. Looks OK. I start playing  Tapsteroids - UNAgames

Tapsteroids is the product of two passionate programmers with two polar opposite game styles: one likes the puzzle type game while the other prefers simulation and strategy. The result is a game-play similar to Asteroids but with a realistic physical model that drives the missiles and the need to quickly choose the right weapon to complete your missions. As the name suggests, you’re set up in space, clearing incoming asteroids. You can either choose to protect incoming ships (to home base) or your own ship, but chances are you’re going to have to accept the challenge to protect both. Tap an asteroid to send a curving missile to destroy it. It’s that simple.



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