The Top 10 Quality iPhone Apps for Accounting and Finance

The Top 10 Quality iPhone Apps for Accounting and Finance


The Top 10 Quality iPhone Apps for Finance and Accounting

Not only does technology help us in personal communication but it has also changed, and is still reshaping, the whole method of carrying out accounting and finance. Devices like the iPhone have some really cool apps that help you manage your expenses, so that you will avoid exceeding your budget and falling in debt. People easily fall into debt when they have difficulty managing their finance. They tend to spend more and save virtually nothing at all, and hence, they are forced to borrow to pay off their bills at the 11th hour.

With these impressive iPhone accounting and finance apps, you can carry out e-commerce while eating, travelling, and even lying down in your couch! This article will briefly describe the top 10 iPhone apps for e-commerce.

National Bank iPhone App Review

1. National Banks National Bank iBank - ANZ National Bank Limited

Many large and established banks have their own apps on iPhone. Not only can you get information on checking and savings accounts, but you can also transfer money to and from your account just by using your device. This will save you the hassle of taking out time and spending a lot of energy to visit the bank yourself. Moreover, this app can be downloaded for free!

Xero iPhone App Review

2. Xero iPhone App  Xero - Xero Ltd

This is one of the best mobile apps for accountants. Xero iPhone performs invoicing functions, which is really beneficial for businessmen on the go. You do not need a PC or an Internet connection to view your financial information using this app. Not only can you check your financial data from time to time, you can also manage your bank and credit accounts easily.

Xero iPhone app is also free to download, and with a size of 1.4 MB, it is compatible with systems like PayPal and Base camp.

bloomberg iphone app review

3. Bloomberg Mobile App Bloomberg - Bloomberg Finance LP

If you are dealing in the stock market, this app is just for you. Of course, it does not function like the Wall Street Bloomberg terminal, providing information on stock prices, quotes, news, market positions etc. However, this brilliantly designed app gives you news updates, keeps you aware of the market trends and provides price charts.

Stock dealers will love the Bloomberg My Stocks app to the prices and quotes on the market. This app is the enhanced alternative of the iPhone Stock apps, and you can even view larger price charts by rotating the device to a horizontal plane. Download today without spending a penny!

4. Red Laser App  RedLaser Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader - eBay Inc.

The red laser is one of the highest rated iPhone finance apps, with thousands of positive reviews. The red laser is perhaps the best bar code reader out there, and it will totally change the way shopping takes place! You can also view great discount deals on your favorite product by downloading this app, which costs $0.00!

5. Easy Books  Easy Books - Geode Software

Another free accounting app for iPhone, Easy Books helps you to manage professional book keeping. Such an app is ideal for small business owners, and they would not have to maintain journals for invoicing. With features like an in-built calculator and password entry, Easy Books is a great app if you are looking for accuracy and security. You can download this app for free.

Loan Shark iPhone App Review

6. Loan Shark  Loan Shark - FoggyNoggin Software

Although it costs $2.99, Loan Shark should be downloaded on your iPhone if you need to borrow loans. It will help you compare loan, repayment, and interest amounts from different lenders, and you can also evaluate digitally what will happen in the worst-case scenario.

My Tax Refund iPhone App Review

7. My Tax Refund  MyTaxRefund by TurboTax - Free efile and refund status for your income tax return - Intuit, Inc.

This is yet another brilliant financial app that costs nothing. If you like to calculate when you will have your e-filed tax returns, My Tax Refund is for you.

Tax Touch iPhone App Review

8. Tax Touch  Tax Touch – UK Tax Tables - Ward Williams Limited

Another tax app that is especially beneficial for UK based iPhone users. The size is 0.6 MB, and you do not have to pay to download this app.

Tipulator iPhone App Review

9. Tipulator  Tipulator – The Fun Tip Calculator - Sophiestication Software

This is a cool tip calculator that costs 99 cents. Its brilliant graphics immediately tell you that it comes from the Apple store, and you can calculate the tip on any given price using this app.

Paypal iPhone App Review

10. PayPal  PayPal - PayPal, an eBay Company

Finally, no financial list is complete without the mention of Pay Pal. With this app on your iPhone, you can carry out online shopping, as well as send money to friends and family.

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  1. PayPal is an essential app and one that has been on my device since I became an iPhone addict! highly recommended and works perfectly with eBay.


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