Top 5 Apps For The Home

Top 5 Apps For The Home


Top 5 Home Apps

The home of the future is something that is constantly being speculated on and dreamed about by experts and lay-people alike. Constant advances allow us to look into the near future and imagine domestic applications of the constantly evolving technology at our disposal. One area of daily life where you could be forgiven for thinking that the future is already here, is mobile technology. Increasingly, there’s an app for everything these days!

Below are a few inspired uses for apps in the home, some are real time and energy savers and some are just for fun but all will help you to run a more efficient home (in their way).

1. ColorChange – ColorChange - Indivigital

This app lets you take an image of an object or area in your house (or anywhere you like for that matter) and manipulate the colours, allowing you to see what they would look like in a different colour. This removes the risk of redecorating disasters and will save you time on those little tester pots. Once you’ve found the right colour, just take your phone down to the local hardware shop and match the colour of choice.

2. Dream Home – Dream Home - Apalon

Featuring hundreds of photos from a huge range of rooms, styles and colour schemes, this app allows users to generate ideas based on the very latest interior design trends. The application is easy to navigate and intuitive in its options; photographs can be filtered based on style, colour and type of room. New photos are added daily or weekly and the whole thing works offline once downloaded from the Internet.

3. Heating Controls – Climote Remote Heating Control App - Climote

Enabling you to control your home heating system from an iPhone anywhere in the world. This app (requiring a wireless thermostat) lets you change the temperature, lock the settings, adjust the timer and even adjust your comfort level settings from wherever you are. It is fully compatible with all underfloor heating, provided a wireless thermostat is installed and means an end to that nagging feeling you’ve left your heating on.

Home Energy Manager iPhone App Review

4. Home Energy Manager – Home Energy Manager - Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

Home Energy Manager sets out a series of planned actions based on your household energy needs (family size, appliances, size of house) to help you manage and reduce your energy consumption by as much as a fifth. One novel feature includes an energy tracker, which allows you to enter your energy bills to keep track of the savings. If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Home Design 3d iPhone App Review

5. Home Design 3D – Home Design 3D By LiveCad - Anuman

This easy and intuitive app provides the means to create a three-dimensional version of your house. It is especially useful to help building contractors to visualise proposed changes during larger projects such as structural alterations and extensions. The app can make fast and flexible estimations on labour and material costs, which is obviously a boon. It’s also fun for playing around with the layout of your house (without actually having to do any lasting damage!).

There are many more apps that could help with running, designing and even building your home more efficiently. They are currently designed and released at such a precipitous rate with ever-more innovative solutions to everyday dilemmas. It seems the home of the future is edging ever closer.

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  1. It’s amazing how far apps have come. To be able to control your home heating from an app is impressive!

  2. Gavi, just when I think they’ve thought of everything, something innovative and amazing gets released. It’s incredible!