The Stupid Penguins: What’s Gotten Into Them!

The Stupid Penguins: What’s Gotten Into Them!


Stupid Penguins iPhone App Review

Stupid Penguins says it all! This game combines cuteness, a convincing story and a great theme to make the game a fun pickup on a quiet afternoon.

Team Neetbytes is a small development team that love what they do. They’ve made the game alive with hilarious music that will bring a smile to your face on the darkest of days, and the reason for that is because…

ALERT!! Osiris is misleading penguins! A fair problem! First seals now penguins, it’s up to you to save these little bastards and get them back to the South Pole before they fry in the hot summer of Egypt! Complete with pyramids and all.

In fact, the graphics in this baby are stunning! I can’t get over the things moving in the background. I love those animations that keep things alive. For example, you’ll see palm trees in the distance (in game) swaying in the wind. The snowflakes falling are not just white dots. Instead they’re cute white (carefully designed) snow-flakes. If I were a penguin I’d want to hop right into that app that get all snug and cozy inside.

Your mission is to prevent them from dying in the hot summer by dragging them back to the South. And of course because they’re stupid, there’s really nothing we can do about preventing them from cannon balling back to Egypt in the hopes of finding the new Utopia.

HINT: When you play, let Osiris catch a penguin before killing him, it saves you the trouble of saving it… and of course it doesn’t hurt your score.

This game gets a score of 8/10 with it’s easy to pick up interface and exciting story.


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