Skull Kick: Laughing For Kicks

Skull Kick: Laughing For Kicks


Skull Kick iPhone App Review

There are games that you spent hours on, and there are games that you spend years on. Skull Kick is one of those games you spend years playing. Not because it’s so engaging in the moment. That’s just it: it’s simple, you can pick it up, play it and pick it back up later and try again.

You, a skeleton must kick your own head as far as possible. Not bad for an original concept, right? Coupled with epic music, this game keeps you engaged in the mission of kicking your head (now a skull because you’re dead) as far as you can to be others’ high scores.

Choose from 5 different outfits to wear as you ‘kick yourself’ and move forward in the ranks. You’ve also got one-time power-ups that keep your head sailing beyond the reaper’s grip.

This game gets a 8 out of 10. The game has one mode to play, and could be developed further on that front. In terms of sounds, graphics and entertainment it’s been well programmed that’s for sure.


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