The Benefits of Increasing Power Factor for Tech Businesses

The Benefits of Increasing Power Factor for Tech Businesses


Correcting and improving power factor can offer a range of benefits to power systems. Namely, the biggest advantage is efficiency, which, through power correction, can be improved in a variety of ways, from reducing demand to lengthening equipment life.

Want to know more about the ways your business could benefit? Here are the economic and environmental advantages of power correction.

Increase the Lifespan of Equipment

For the majority of businesses, increasing cash flow is a priority, and frequently purchasing new equipment can be a drain on company finances. However, improving power factor can help to increase equipment lifespan. This is because low power factor can result in voltage drops, causing damage to the conductor. But through correction, voltage drops can be reduced, which could potentially lengthen the life of the equipment.

Boost Network and Load Capacity

In addition to purchasing new equipment due to damage, for many companies, there comes a time when systems must be upgraded to cope with increased usage. However, power factor correction can provide a cost saving solution. This works by installing capacitors in the circuit, which can reduce the demand for a single piece of equipment placed on the network. In turn, this results in additional capacity to support new equipment.

Reduce Network Demand and Lower Bills

As well as boosting capacity, power correction can also help your business to save in further ways. If your company is on a KVA tariff – as opposed to a KW meter – then your business could benefit by reduced utility costs. This is because a low power factor results in a higher KVA measurement, outstripping KW demand. As such, improving power factor can reduce usage and in turn, lower energy bills.

A Cleaner, Greener Business Image

By lengthening the life of equipment, boosting networking capacity and reducing demand on the grid, correcting power factor can also have environmental benefits, with the potential to make the workplace greener and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, this could be important for your company’s marketing and image, as statistics show that consumers are becoming increasingly green-minded, choosing to purchase from conscious brands.

As you can see, investing in power correction can offer a range of business benefits, from saving money to presenting a greener image. To improve your company’s power factor, speak to a qualified electrician. Using components like those from XP Power, an electrician could improve your equipment and reduce your company’s energy usage.


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