10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Organizing Your Summer BBQ

10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Organizing Your Summer BBQ


Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 20.56.38The Summer Season has officially arrived and what better way to celebrate than a summer Barbeque. Check out this great list of BBQ apps, courtesy of our friends over at Housesittingjobs.com

There seems to be an iPhone app for everything these days from mobile phone slots to financial banking, and barbecuing is no exception. If you have already bought grills and grill accessories for Father’s Days past, consider a handy app to go along with those gifts, or use them yourself to enhance your next outdoor party. These apps can ensure that your BBQ food is cooked to perfection, and that your party is polished in a fraction of the usual time. They also bring another level of enjoyment to the process of planning and cooking, so put these App Store offerings on the shopping list for your next backyard shindig.

BBQ List – A common problem with hosting barbecues is having too much food, or worse, too little. With BBQ List, you enter how many guests you are expecting and how many are men, women and children. You can also input the amount of vegetarians. Then, you can choose if you want to spend a lot, an average amount, or very little. You can specify food preferences, such as “no steak” or “hot dogs.” BBQ List will tell you what food and beverages to buy and exactly how much you need. (App Price: $0.99)

Weber’s On the Grill – Weber’s offers an app with over 300 recipes for the grill, including full dishes, rubs, marinades and more. You can choose your recipes and have the ingredients moved to a grocery list to use while you’re shopping, too. There is a timer built in for cooking that will let you know both when you need to turn your food and when it is done. You can share recipes and grocery lists with family and friends via email. You can even watch instructional videos of grilling techniques! (App Price: $4.99)

iSteak – The iSteak app will calculate the perfect cooking times for every steak. You input the type and size of the meat, along with how your guest would like it cooked, and iSteak will tell you the rest. Cook up to eight steaks at one time on your virtual grill. The app will show you a picture of all the steaks you are cooking, and a message to flip will appear on them when it is time. (App Price: $1.99)

BBQ Ribs Recipes by Dr. BBQ Championship BBQ Chef Ray Lampe, also known as Dr. BBQ, has written six cookbooks. This app will provide you with some of his secret rib, rub and sauce recipes.  (App Price: $0.99)

BBQ Master- Ultimate Cooking Guide with Timer – BBQ Master will time all the foods you have on the grill and ensure you cook them to perfection, never allowing you to burn or undercook on the grill again. There are tons of items to choose from, even rarely barbecued items like Cornish hens and full roasts. The app will time multiple items at once, so you can ensure quality for every guest. This app allows more room to socialize during your party, since you don’t have to watch the grill as closely knowing that BBQ Master will tell you when it’s time to turn. (App Price: $0.99)

BBQ Menu – Take your guests’ BBQ orders on your iPhone to ensure you are making exactly the right amount of each item. A summary screen gives you a quick view of everything you need to cook, eliminating the issue of making too much of one food and too little of another. (App Price: $0.99)

PLBartender –With PLBartender, you’ll be able to make any drink your guests order, even if you’re not very experienced. The database has over 100 drink recipes for the most common drinks, and you can store new drink recipes should you come up with a concoction of your own. You can even email the recipes to friends and family. (App Price: Free)

Wine Sisterhood: Drink-U-Later – This app will ensure you have the right amount of beer, wine and spirits on hand before your barbecue begins. Enter in the number of guests and the types of drinks you would like to serve by checking off beer, wine and/or spirits, and choose the percentage of wine drinkers. The Drink-U-Later will then break down what you need to buy, bottle by bottle. (App Price: Free)

BBQ Calc BBQ Calc will calculate the amount of meats, breads, side dishes and beverages needed for your party. It will also convert this into a shopping list to make your preparation even easier! Just enter in the number of guests and break the list down into men, women and children. (App Price: $0.99)

iPartyGramPro – With iPartyGramPro, you have a handy way to invite guests to your BBQ. Create unique invitations and send them out to your contacts. Upload pictures of the party to social media. Make chosen guests VIPs, allowing them to invite others and post pictures and videos. (App Price: $1.99)

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