Technology’s Huge Influence on Boxing Training and Fandom

Technology’s Huge Influence on Boxing Training and Fandom

Today’s technology allows instant replays to be more visually appealing than ever before
Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash: Today’s technology allows instant replays to be more visually appealing than ever before

The tech industry is breaking barriers all around the world, reaching every industry and market to bring new innovations right to people’s doorsteps. When it comes to fandom, sports, and even the way professional athletes train, technology is also playing a huge role.

In the boxing environment, the pro and average enthusiast, even the fan, is experiencing a new wave of convenience and excitement due to the new tech gadgets, improvements, and advancements that have presented themselves over the recent years. Let’s take a look at how such a popular sport is being transformed by a new age of tech.

Punch trackers enhance boxing performance

For the boxer that is serious about improving his or her performance in the ring, the best technology presents itself in the form of punch trackers. These are high-tech boxing gloves that contain motion sensors which help log every aspect of your workout from punch speed to number of throws, and much more. This accessory is especially important for skill enhancement, as boxers can look back on their work out and make adjustments as needed.  

Most trackers are barely noticeable and won’t disrupt you in training. Their small sensors link to mobile applications which display every stat neatly on your screen. Since its release, the technology has shown up in pro boxer’s work out routines, helping them to measure and improve their performance in a tangible way.

Online betting increases followership

Evolving technology has also influenced boxing outside the ring. Nowadays, inside the home and even offices of boxing followers, fans can enjoy the convenience of online sportsbooks which list stats, rankings, and Boxing/MMA picks, all in the digital sphere. In this way, live betting can take place during a match or days before, making fans even more pumped up to see their favorite boxers perform in a competitive face-off.

This digitization of the betting world is transforming the industry, as leading pundits expertly pinpoint each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses to deliver the best odds possible. Mobile application options are also available, further increasing the activity’s mobility and making it accessible for any fan at any time.

FanAppic: online betting platforms
FanAppic: online betting platformPhoto by Avi Richards on Unsplash: The switch from physical sportsbooks to online betting platforms gives fans a huge new and exciting opportunity

Instant replay video transforms the viewing experience

Instant replay isn’t necessarily new to the sport of boxing, yet it’s introduction in the summer of 2011 completely transformed (and is continuing to change) the viewing experience for the better. Sports of high impact, such as football and boxing, are some of the best to see in slow motion. For viewers, there’s nothing quite like getting to see the exact instance of a knockout.

Nowadays, evolving technology has captured the smallest details of replay, like the sweat protruding off a fighter’s face, or the punch that’s thrown a second too late.

The digitization of training opens new doors for athletes

Some of the most complex training programs that even pro boxers make user of are now available online in the digital environment. With everything from cookbooks to calendars now digitized, the sports industry has also made moves in the same direction.

Professionals and amateurs alike are benefiting from the wealth of information available online, and the variety of different platforms which offer an online work out experience in real time. For these practices, all you need are gloves and a willing body. Let’s face it: technology makes working out 100% more convenient and fun, strengthening skills all from the comfort of your own home. Boxing fans may even have the opportunity to pair up with an ex-pro in the sport to get tips and tricks straight from an expert.

With so many new innovations that present an entire host of options, the sport is being revolutionized for the everyday boxer as well as professional. Only time will tell what the future holds for the athletes and fans of this sport.


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