Technology Takeover: How Tech Is Impacting Every Industry

Technology Takeover: How Tech Is Impacting Every Industry


Technology is a titan of an industry. It stands alone as something impressive. When technology merges with other industries, however, it can be life-saving, innovative and awe-inspiring. The leaps forward that the food industry, healthcare, beauty, and fashion industries have been able to make wouldn’t have been possible without technology. Here are some of the ways that tech is making a huge difference to all aspects of our lives…

The Food Industry

Technology is impacting the food industry like never before, and we’re not just talking culinary gadgets like sous vide machines! One of the biggest ways that technology has affected the food industry is the pressure that it puts on big brands. Thanks to social media, more of us that ever can directly contact and share our thoughts with big name brands. Not only that, but social media is at the forefront of food movements. The ‘clean eating’ phenomenon started online with bloggers and vloggers. Technology is making brands take accountability for their products and the way things are made. Even more importantly it is creating, leading and shaping a growing number of food trends. Technology is also being used to limit the amount of food waste. For years wastage has plagued the food industry and it has been lambasted for not making better use of its waste. Around 40% of America’s food is thrown away each year. Technology is helping to lower that statistic. There are apps being created whereby people are allowed to buy restaurant ‘waste products. Consumers use the leftovers to make stock, sauces, and other meals, at a fraction of the price. Other apps have made it easier to come up with a realistic shopping list and meal plan so that there is no waste.

The Healthcare Industry

It’s widely documented that the healthcare industry and technology go hand in hand. Technology has made it easier to treat, chart, and track patients progress. A number of fitness apps have made it easier than ever for us to take healthcare into our own hands too. Being able to monitor our own calorie intake and exercise performance allows us to set goals. It also eases the burden on the healthcare industry. If there were more tools to cut out the middleman it would make getting appointments easier for those who really need them. There are some pretty neat gadgets on Petagadget too which make fitness more appealing to the masses. Earphones you can use underwater and sea scooters are just some of the ways technology has made exercise and activity more fun.

Medical records are now largely electronic too. This is far more efficient and makes dealing with patients quicker and easier. It also makes it easier to share information with relevant departments and store records. There’s even tech to monitor contact lenses! For those with mental illnesses apps and programs on smartphones have made it easier to keep in touch with counselors. There are also learning aids available to help those struggling with anxiety. Being able to contact your doctor or advisor immediately offers comfort to those who are struggling to handle symptoms alone.

The Beauty Industry

The fashion and beauty industry were a little slower than others to utilize technology. In recent years there have been great strides forward, however, which have impacted both the fashion and beauty worlds. E-commerce is hugely important for sales. More of us than ever browse our laptops, tablets, or phones to see the latest beauty and fashion offerings. The problem, up until this point, has been trying clothes or makeup and skincare products, on. Technology is being fine tuned to solve this problem. Shoppers will be able to see what colors and styles look like on their own body. 3D technology has made this possible and it will change the face of e-commerce. It has also become easier than ever to make personalized fabrics for clothes. Designers can use programs on their laptops or tablets to create a design and literally have it printed.

The Construction Industry

Image by Loozrboy on Flickr

It’s an industry that many people don’t necessarily equate with technology. It’s easy to see why some people believe the two don’t mix. Construction is a hands on job. It is the process of building, repairing, and maintaining structures. Technology, however, is a great tool in the construction industries arsenal. It can help building plans to be more accurate, architects to be more ambitious, and works to be carried out more efficiently. At a basic level, tech can help companies to keep a track of jobs, update management, and make sure the payroll is managed correctly. Technology has also made it easier for workers to stay connected with each other and their seniors. A must on a job which is very mobile and the opposite of office based. Laser technology has also made jobs easier and more precise. You remove manpower and human error from the process.


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