T-Mobile US Has An Announcement For CES Too! Another Galaxy S II...

T-Mobile US Has An Announcement For CES Too! Another Galaxy S II Variant.


At this years CES we have heard lots of announcements from three of the four big US carriers but T-Mobile had almost nothing to say. Finally they broke their silence with a new smartphone announcement of their own, but as it’s a small upgrade to a phone less than 5 months old on the carrier you might say it isn’t all that exciting. The new device is called the Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and as you may have guessed is designed to run oof of T-mobiles upgraded 42 mbps down “4G.” More specs after the break:The Blaze is a lot like the Galaxy S II currently available from T-Mobile but with a few big exception. First is an upgraded display, what T-Mobile is calling a “brillant Super AMOLED Display.” While they haven’t clarified yet, I think its a safe assumption that its a Super AMOLED with 720P resolution similar to what we see on the galaxy Nexus. Under the hood is 1.5 GHz dual-core processor great for chewing through Android apps, and the phone will likely ship with ICS. When asked for a release dat T-mobile replied with only a cryptic “First half of 2012” so T-mobile fans will have to keep a look out for this one!


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