System Monitor With Battery Max: Look After Your iPhone’s Health (Sponsored)

System Monitor With Battery Max: Look After Your iPhone’s Health (Sponsored)


System Monitor With Battery Max iPhone App Review

As the winter draws in a few of us will start to get the sniffles and be coughing our way all the way to the doctor for a check up; well, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not just our bodies that get a check up but our iPhones as well! System Monitor With Battery Max acts as a comprehensive health check for your iPhone that boosts battery performance, checks you system memory, CPU utilization and disk utilization and frees up memory, making your iPhone run to the best of its ability. All for less than a dollar.

The app itself is very user-friendly, with a cool, futuristic interface that looks a bit like a spaceship’s speedometer; it even has a cool little sound effect that beeps as it calculates your iPhone’s Free and Used MB storage, (once the dial moves to the red part, it’s time to free up some space…) You can also double tap the screen and it switches to a 3D bar chart view of ‘Wired’ ‘Active’ ‘Inactive’ and ‘Free’ memory statistics.

Keep an eye on your juice levels!

The ‘Battery’ icon offers a very visually pleasing picture of a battery that has a certain amount of juice left in it, with both a percentage and level and ‘Time To Recharge’ countdown on it, which could prove inexplicably useful if you are running around all day and need your phone to be available. If you double tap the battery icon the image opens out, (again, with a cool robotic sound), which displays the amount of talk-time left (2G and 3G), Internet Use (3G and Wi-Fi), Video Playback, Audio Playback as well as 2D Gameplay, YouTube, BlueTooth Audio, Camera, Kindle Reader and Stand-By levels left on the iPhone without a recharge. This goes above and beyond other system monitoring apps and is an incredibly impressive element to the app.

There’s a ‘Disk Information’ tab that basically shows the Used Space and Free Space on your iPhone in a coloured pie chart, as well as a CPU level that also switches to a 3D bar chart mode when double tapped.

Another feature of the app that I really liked is that it provides you with the IP address acquired, UDID, OS and the hardware address of your device as well as the Last Boot Time, to the minute. (Not sure why I like the Last Boot Time so much…could be an OCD thing about needing to know everything about my iPhone!)


Overall, System Monitor With Battery Max is a really useful app and at only $0.99, it really is a steal. You can optimize your battery life as well as the daily running of the iPhone’s system performance, plus the visual effects make the app a real pleasure to use. Well worth a buck, in my humble opinion.


  • The app is very intuitive in the sense that you can learn how to use it within a couple of minutes.
  • The layout and graphics are stunning and upper smooth.
  • The battery readings are really accurate; in writing this review, my iPhone’s juice has dropped 5%!

Room For Improvement

  • The futuristic sound effects could start to grate after a while, but you can simply mute them by selecting ‘sound off’ in the ‘i’ Information Section.
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  1. Wow, this looks fab! I’m always running out of battery power and need something to remind me when to reboot! THanks for the tip!

  2. A MUST have utility. Provides memory, cpu and disk utilising info. Visuals are pretty good looking and very easy to use

  3. Hi.. what a app wow!.. it is very useful for me to check up all the needy things.. I really love this app… If you still not downloaded? Oh NO dude.. Please do it.. 100% you love and it is very useful too.. Thanks.. Balu

  4. You are sure to fall in love with this app. Very few apps get it right on the dot the very first time and this sure is one of them. Quick, easy and very useful and it keeps my phone running at max efficiency all the time.


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