Snappy Dragons: Angry Birds With Fire

Snappy Dragons: Angry Birds With Fire


Snappy Dragons iPhone App Review

Since the major success of Angry Birds there have been quite a few games pop up on the app store with a similar concept; Snappy Dragons is one of them.

A load of evil wizards have stolen your little, fluffy Dragon babies so know you’ve gotta go around aiming your fire breathe at the baddies and get those babies back! It’s a similar concept, and the game plays out in a very familiar way. But let us stop comparing it to Angry Birds for a moment and what are we left with? Quite a nice little timewaster methinks.

Once you get your head around the fact that the dragon is not a sling shot and you have to move your finger to form the trajectory for the fireball rather than pulling back to fire; the controls are very simple. There are a few obstacles thrown in here and there to change up the gameplay, including unbreakable land and wind that adjusts the direction of your fireball.

Pros: Nice graphics, with the blasting away of the land it almost has a ‘Worms’ feel to it. This is quite an easy game that will appeal to ‘pick up and play’ type gamers.

Cons: Not the most original concept, if you’ve just about had enough of Angry Birds and all its off shoots; this may not be the game for you.


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