Super Smash Brothers Secrets You Never Knew

Super Smash Brothers Secrets You Never Knew


For decades, video games have been a fun way for people to come together and play digital games. If you are passionate about this medium, you want to figure out a way to be amongst the best players. With a competitive spirit, you are looking for ways to improve your game and learn new tricks. For most gamers, this will mean spending a lot of time with one specific game. When you become a competitive player, you already know the ins and outs of how the overall game works, but you’re looking for a little bit more. 

One game that has gained a lot of traction over the years is Super Smash Bros. This is a video game series that brings characters from the different Nintendo franchises into a competition against each other. You can choose to play the game on your own or compete against anyone in the world. These online battles help you show off your skills and learn about the specific talents of each character. Just like any video game, there are ways you can get in and find different shortcuts and ultimate easter eggs. Here are just a few Super Smash Bros secrets to help you improve your game.

Getting to an elite level requires certain actions. 

For competitive players, you want to make your way up to the most elite levels of the game. To start competing on Elite Smash, you’ll need some pointers. It’s one thing to be a good player, but you have to figure out how to build up your rank. There are some secrets and information for you to know on that score. 

To climb the ranks in order to play elite battles, you need a high number of Global Smash Power. This comes from beating other players. If you succeed a bunch at first, this may be an easy journey to make, but for others, you may need to work harder to reach Elite. Know the goals you want to achieve and be aware that GSP can change from player to player. 

It also depends on your overall community. One of the biggest secrets to improving your score is avoiding multiple losses in a row. Also, be careful with the rematch button. If you are confident you can continue defeating an opponent, keep on playing, otherwise, rejoin the general queue.

You can unlock certain characters. 

There have been many iterations of Super Smash Bros over the years with hundreds of characters. Certain games may only allow you to play as certain characters. However, you may be able to reveal new characters over time. Try to recover their spirits in Adventure Mode or complete a full round of Classic Mode to unlock some of these players. The more you play against human competitors, the better chance you’ll have of unlocking something special.

Certain trophies only exist in specific countries. 

When you win certain rounds of Super Smash Bros, you’ll get trophies to collect that can unlock other characters, levels, or prizes. A secret you may not realize is that not every trophy is available in every country. For example, Japanese protagonist Tamagonis not available in the American version of the game because producers were worried about the optics of the character.

Find secret messages. 

Many of the games have secret messages you can find when you know where to look. These can be helpful hints or even just fun easter eggs. Usually, you’ll have to pause the game at the right time and zoom out to get the secret wipe boards. With so many different versions of Super Smash Bros, you’ll have to look into all the different ways you can read these insights


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