The Karate Kid iPad App – Now YOU Can Be a Black...

The Karate Kid iPad App – Now YOU Can Be a Black Belt

The Karate Kid – Now YOU Can Be a Black Belt
The Karate Kid is a fab game for boys and girls alike!

If you ever fancied getting your black belt in karate but couldn’t be bothered with the hard work, this game is for you! The Karate Kid app lets you play five different fun games and share the awards you win onto Facebook.

The games are a bit different and make good use of the iPad accelerometer – the tilting skill style games are always unique. Best fun are the “Endurance” and “Perseverance” games. Endurance requires you to follow various instructions to keep alive, using tilting and swiping, while Perseverance is good fun because you have to keep the boy-hero Dre out of the water by helping him keep his balance on a beam.

My least favourite of the five games is “Patience”. It is a bit of a weird game, where you have to catch a bunch of flies with chopsticks, whereupon they spontaneously combust.

As iPad games go, the games in this app are relatively simplistic, so don’t expect a hugely complex challenge. It might not be your cup of tea if you’re a sophisticated games player, but it’s super fun for killing time and has nice graphics. And of course it’s a must have for big fans of the Karate Kid movie.



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