Stylish Sprint: Because running yourself is old-fashioned

Stylish Sprint: Because running yourself is old-fashioned


Stylish sprint. What’s in a name? Everything in this case. Stylish Sprint is an incredibly addictive game that combines Sonic the Hedgehog with Wario. If you aren’t familiar with these big Nintendo hits, just imagine an Olympic athlete darting across platforms, smashing through brick walls… If you can.

This speedy, action-packed game is full of surprises. With 8 different levels, with several challenges per level, you’re guaranteed to be entertained for many hours.

As if being faced with multiple levels wasn’t enough, the developers also include the possibility of unlocking equipment for your character that will help boost different parameters, such as running speed and jump height.

Setting this game apart from other ‘run and jump’-ers, is the sheer beauty of the game itself. Each level has been crafted with great care and detail, and it’s not just the visuals. The game has the most iconic sound-effects and music; a real shout back to the Playstation era.

Each level contains a series of stars. Collecting a single colour consecutively will help increase the score multiplier, enabling you to earn more ‘sp’ (the in-game currency). There are also several other power-ups along the way that help to give the game an added dimension of action.

The games itself is beautifully put together, and Playus Soft © should be proud. The audio is stunning, and you’ll soon be pinching yourself in disbelief at the price… £0.59!


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