Doodle Fit Lite iPad App

Doodle Fit Lite iPad App


Doodle Fit Lite is a brilliant mind challenging puzzle game that will keep you entertained! Each level presents the user with a different shaped grid template and a range of smaller shapes below. Users must arrange and fit the smaller pieces into the main grid until all the space is filled.

It will appeal to a broad age range of users and is extremely addictive! Therefore, there’s no need to worry if your teenagers or school children are constantly playing, as it will only aid with their mathematical development. Just ensure your iPad is charged to keep them entertained!

It is very easy and straightforward to play and features some good graphics and themes. A fantastic alternative to dragging and dropping each piece into the grid is to draw the outline of the piece yourself. Doodle Fit Lite offers a fun, interactive game that will challenge your brain and keep you hooked for hours! Even after users have completed all levels, they can continue to replay, as alternative solutions are available to find.

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