Spotivity App Makes It Easier To Find After School And Summer Programs...

Spotivity App Makes It Easier To Find After School And Summer Programs For Teens


The after school program market in Chicago is hugely diversified and offers many opportunities for teens to develop skills, gain education and build character. However, finding the perfect after school activities in Chicago often comes down to sheer luck or exhaustive research. The Spotivity platform is a breath of fresh air that makes searching for best fitting programs simple and rewarding.

Unique App for After School Programs

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Spotivity is an innovative dual education and network platform that allows parents and teens to easily find desired after school programs in Chicago. Users can connect to Spotivity in two ways – through their dynamic smartphone app or through their dynamic website. The Spotivity app is a fun and free way to search for enriching after school activities in a safe online environment.  Once users sign up for the app and create an account, they can unlock a host of attractive features that enhance user experience.

Hassle-Free Account Set up and Management

Users can edit various settings on their profiles by simply pressing the settings icon. Spotivity provides notifications such as the latest summer programs for teens and from the settings section, users can manage notification preferences or news. Spotivity allows teens to favorite particular programs that they wish to revisit at a later time. Once they create an account, users can invite friends to join and connect their social media accounts or other approved accounts to their Spotivity profile. Inviting friends and connecting accounts offers several benefits.

Dynamic Mapping and Security Features

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With the Spotivity app, parents or teens can easily search for desired after school or summer programs for teens by keyword, program type or location. The Spotivity app supports a wide range of activities including sports, tutoring, arts, health, mentoring and volunteering that are available for open enrolment. One of the most useful features of the Spotivity app is the dynamic mapping. Dynamic mapping enables teens or parents to scour entire neighborhoods for activities and figure out the easiest route to programs that peek an interest. Parents will be happy to note that Spotivity has an optional parent tethering feature that lets parents know when their teenager have checked into an activity.

Networking and Community Building

Not only can you find the best-suited education programs for your teen in Chicago, but you can also participate in fun challenges that promote networking and create community spirit. Whenever you check into activities, share updates on social media or participate in rewarding activities such as referrals, polls and contests, you earn points. There are various leaderboards determined by the points you earn. You can have fun accruing more points and competing with others to get higher status on the leaderboards. You can also show off Digital Badges that are awarded for program participation, social sharing and contest participation.

Value-Adding Features for Program Developers

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The Spotivity app is not just a user-friendly, time-saving tool for teens and parents interested in positive after school programs. Curators of summer camps and education programs for teens in Chicago can unlock a host of value-adding features to foster engagement and grow their businesses. Through the Spotivity Premium Program Subscription Service, program developers get prime listings as well as access to programmatic reports and key admin support features. Program developers that are not interested in premium membership can still show their regular programs on the Spotivity map.


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