Soone, The Dating App With a Difference

Soone, The Dating App With a Difference


The old fashion way of meeting someone new doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. People tend to chat over messages or on the phone than rather meet and have a good laugh at your local bar or restaurant. Soone, the dating, friending, and networking app aim are to put an end to endless chats that happen over the phone and instead meet up in real life.

The app allows you to fast-track meeting new people so that you can have a date, meet a new friend, or discuss business. Soone is a great way to connect with people that are local to your area.

Soone is easy to set up and get meeting people. You start by creating a profile, add all your interest and what you are looking for, such as a date or new friend. The app verifies your identity with its face verification feature and pictures you upload. Once that process is complete you then visit the ‘explore page’ where you will find different profiles in the local area where you live. Once you see a profile you like and you would like to meet then send them a connection request. They will have to accept your request within 30 minutes, after that the chat window will be open for 2 hours and this is when you decide if you wish to meet or not.

Soone is all about being safe so all profiles are verified using a face verification photo and face matching your initial profile picture. Your exact location is never shared with other users. The meetup spots are not just random ones, they are verified meet-up places so you know that you’re safe where you’re going.

Soone is a one-of-a-kind social media connection app. The fact that time is limited to when you can talk means you can get back to the old fashion way of dating or meeting new friends.

Highlight of the Features


– We give nearby dating a new meaning by prioritizing in-person interactions

– Soone shows you people nearby and marks users that have been active in the past 30 minutes

– With Soone you have 2 hours to chat and organize a meetup

– We make sure meeting new people is quick and convenient


– Meet new friends and singles nearby with our easy-to-use and judgment-free social app

– Soone shows you people nearby within one mile of your location

– Find new friends nearby easily with our hotspots

– Soone will provide a list of certified meet-up spots so you know exactly where to take your date


– Dating is fun, but you can do a lot more than a date with the Soone app

– Make new friends or expand your business network with Soone

– Meet people on a social networking app that emphasizes real connections made fast

– Casually grow your business network when connecting on Soone


– Soone makes dating safe by requiring all users to verify their initial profile photo using face scan technology.

– Your specific location is never shown, only that they are within a one-mile radius of a “hotspot” or active user.

– Meet new friends that actually exist. No bots are allowed.

– The app only suggests certified public locations for meet-ups

Soone is free to download from App Store and Google Play. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to meet a new date.


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