Happin App, Meet up With Friends the Easy Way

Happin App, Meet up With Friends the Easy Way


When you’re busy with work and family life, it’s difficult to find time to meet up with friends. If you’re like me then it can sometimes only be once every couple of months. I often think to myself that my friends must get fed up with asking me to social events and gathering. But often when I’m available some of them aren’t, so it is hard. However, I have discovered an app called Happin, which not only lets you see what your friends are up to but gives you the option to easily arrange a meetup to events and activities.

Happin also allows you to meet new friends and build great friendships to last. You can create hangout ideas based purely on your interests and then easily invite groups of people. There’s no need to message a person individually, within the app you can organize and coordinate where and when to meet. All users can stay up to date on what their friends are doing so if one decides they can’t make it, then the group can easily be told.

The app does show a lot of events going on around and it’s entirely up to you to decide if you wish to join in. Safety is very important to the Happin developers so the app uses ID and photo verification – as well as social proof to ensure users are really who they claim to be. If you create a group then you can decide if you want a stranger to join by at least 3 current friends having to approve them. Happin has a filter system so you can limit who sees you or who you see. The purpose tag allows users to communicate why they are on the platform.

Happin Features:

Meet New People

• Swipe through profiles and match with like-minded attendees

• Meet people nearby or going to specific events

• Make friends and chat with people who match your vibe

Find Events or Meetups

• Happin – Discover what people are up to

• Events – Explore trending, in person, online, my age, and more

• Audio party – Host your own virtual audio after-party

• Livestream – Host a streaming event with friends

Hangout Groups

• Hangout Group – Create or join group chats

• Private squad – Invite specific friends to chat and make plans

• Event chat – Make a temporary group chat for a certain event that will expire 48 hours after the event ends

Happin provides the right tools to up your social life best of all, it’s free.

Available on App Store and Google Play. Check out more on the Happin website.


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