Sonarflow: An Alternative Viewing Platform For Your Music

Sonarflow: An Alternative Viewing Platform For Your Music

Sonarflow iPad App
A Musical Bubble Map

There’s nothing worse than having the urge to listen to a particular song but having a complete brain fart and not being able to remember which band it is or the title of the song. After reading the first few lines of the Sonarflow iTunes description I was hoping for some help with my early on-set of dementia.

The description is as follows “Are you tired of searching through seemingly endless lists if songs to find the music you want to hear? Now an end to that, because of Sonarflow, the revolutionary visual music player! It makes selecting desired music a breeze!” Unfortunately this app does not make selecting desired music a breeze; it makes selecting music of a certain genre slightly easier and even that comes with its own problems.

Sonarflow converts your boring list of tracks into an interesting bubble map, converting all the genres into bubbles of various sizes corresponding with the number of tracks within that genre. And here is the main problem for me, not all the music on my device is bought from iTunes, a lot of it comes from CDs I have collected over the years and iTunes doesn’t like to always categorise them correctly. The result being that I have a very large ‘Other’ bubble consisting of everything from Japanese grunge bands to The Doors. This simply renders the whole point of the app useless, unless I then go back to my iTunes and edit every album manually then sync it all again (and I am far too lazy for all of that for the sake of a few more bubbles).

Pros: It looks nice.

Cons: I don’t know many music fans who choose music according to its genre, most people I know just go “ooh, let’s listen to The Pixies.” (Then we spend the evening arguing over what’s best, Debaser or Where Is My Mind.)

It would be nice to see an app that challenges the current Apple music interface, unfortunately this app boasts fast playlist creation, music at a glance and quick playback; all of which I feel Apple handles perfectly well already.


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