ScAPPagories: Take a Hike Scrabble, There’s a new Word game in Town

ScAPPagories: Take a Hike Scrabble, There’s a new Word game in Town

ScAPPagories iPhone App Review
The spell of success

We all know the only good time to get diarrhoea is during a game of Scrabble, but laughing smugly as you take in the utter disgust on your opponent’s face, and smugly jot down that triple word score, has a short lived excitement.

Which is why we welcome credible word games with open arms; games which actually stimulate our minds and have us coming back for more.

ScAPPagories has a brilliant name which sums up the format and play to a tee. Players are eased in to a magical world, by what can only be described as some sort of ferret wearing a hat, and are asked to tap the screen in order to punch a sheet of paper. What a shit game I hear you say, but we’re not finished yet. Players then have to write down as fast as they can, the longest words which spring to mind from each category, beginning with the stated letter. For example, write down a boys name, capital city and occupation beginning with ‘L’.

Players can chose harder options, more letters, play against each other via Bluetooth, Facebook and even online. This app can develop in to a healthy addiction, and is a perfect for those mornings when coffee simply won’t kick start your brain.

The simplicity of this app is amazing, and it brings back memories of watching Blockbusters on a rainy afternoon. We’ll have a ‘P’ please Bob, as ScAPPagories is pretty awesome in our books.



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