Son of Light: Making Your Commute To Work Fly By

Son of Light: Making Your Commute To Work Fly By


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Public transport commuters, assemble! Your journey to and from work is about to become a lot more enjoyable. Introducing: Son of Light. The free app that recreates the classic ‘Shoot Them Up’ retro arcade games with all the mechanics of games such as ‘Runner’. There are lots of apps to entertain you during that dreary trip to the office, but Son of Light will really get your blood pumping in the morning.

Your mission is to overcome the 10 levels while beating those sneaky enemies and colossal bosses! Newcomers to the ‘Shoot Them Up’ games never fear, this app is accessible for both beginners and the fierce gamers of hardcore shooting games.

Collect crystals to upgrade your equipment and improve your shields, jet engines, guns, shotguns, missiles, lasers and much more! Just try and contain your yelps of joy when the person next to you is trying to get some shut eye!

Normally I’m not one for smart phone noises on a train/bus, but this app possesses a fantastic soundtrack that the ‘Happy Hardcore’ era would be proud of, so turn that phone up! I’m sure everyone will enjoy it just as much as you… on second thoughts, maybe pop those headphones in.

So all you retro arcade video game lovers, this is the free app to download to make that commute to work that little bit easier. Unless you work in an arcade, then you’re just being greedy. But make it quick, a special gift awaits those who play to Son of Light before February 9!

Fly over to the App Store or Google Play now!


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