10 Free games apps you can’t do without

10 Free games apps you can’t do without



Whether it’s on the PC, tablet or Android, everybody loves free games. Either it’s a casino game like bush telegraph slots or a first-person shooter such as Overkill, we love freebies. Some are old, some are new; here are ten freebies that we simply couldn’t cope without.

Pointing and shooting

Ace Viral’s Sniper Shooting on Android always hits the spot – or at least it does if your aim is true. This vigilante feel-good, progressive tilt or touch to shoot game is Windows compatible and – updated in August 2014 – it is bang up to date.

Sniper Shooter by Fun Games for Free is simple but addictive. Tap to shoot means it’s perfect for iPhone and iPad users. Pin sharp 3D graphics and a seemingly never ending list of extreme missions and puzzles will keep you tapping away happily for hours at a time.

Sniper hero Death War comes to Android with the buzz of a battleground soundtrack that’ll quickly pull you into a world where the city is in danger of being overrun by terrorists. Developers Playfun haven’t messed about with the fundamentals of FPS and it’s all the better for that. Add-ons and that cleverly synchronised soundtrack are definite plus points.

Arcade nostalgia

Arcade fans, if you haven’t discovered Angry Birds yet it’s high time you did – if only so you can show your face in public. If you let slip the fact you know it’s a Finnish idea – out of Rovio Entertainment  – you can keep your street cred. As of May 2014 version 1.6.0 boasted new levels and two whole new episodes. Requires iOS 4.3 and is fully Apple compatible.

Nostalgia fans know you just can’t beat Mario. Pixel Power’s perennial pizza man has just been updated in his latest Super Mario Barrel Jump   – the app was updated Jan 22 – and it will be appearing on an Android near you soon. There’s even a retro version for nostalgia buffs.

Space invaders fans will find plenty of free apps to keep them firing away into the night sky. Space Inversion 2 for the iPhone and iPad from Merlyn Lear is just the job. It’s got all the features of the old school arcade game PLUS added boosts to keep you buzzing. They don’t make them like that anymore.

And that’s true of pinball, too. The all-time classic arcade game is brought to you by pinballarcade.com, whose free apps are the perfect way to get the silver balls rolling. Compatible across Andoid, Xbox, iOS and PS3, PS4 and the PC (recently launched through the Stream Store) Pinball Arcade is a winner every time.

Marking your cards

We are living in poker’s golden age; the game has never been more popular. What that means is that the competition has never been hotter – and that’s especially true online. The good news is that handy apps like Flopzilla can give you that all-important competitive edge. The Flopzilla app will help you calculate what the winning and the losing odds are for you and your opponent in any given game scenario. Flopzilla is fully compatible with iPhone, Android and PC platforms, and it really does make a winning difference!

For the less bold, version 4.2 of Finger Arts’ Card Games app turns up all the right numbers. Card skills are tested to the limit in variants of solitaire that can be set to suit your level of expertise. Bright, slick and glitch free, the January 2015 update requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is optimised for iPhone 5.

PC perennials

King of the PC games right now is Minecraft. No-one can survive for long without a block or two. Mojang AB’s worldwide hit is showing no signs of falling out of favour. The multiplayer option has taken over where Second Life left off – only this time it’s for kids. 347 kb of download and a Windows OS is all it takes.

But if mining away together is too tame for your tastes, there is always League of Legends. A multiplayer online battle arena LoL is a global phenomenon boasting millions of avid players. Riot Games see no reason to develop a formula that is clearly hitting all the right buttons. The 1.3 version which came out in August 2012 is still going strong.















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