Skyyer: a complete mobile travel guide

Skyyer: a complete mobile travel guide


Press Release: 

Skyyer Mobile Ltd., a developer of travel applications, has announced the release of Skyyer for on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This app was developed to provide users with a complete mobile guide travel guide for almost any place they may be in the world. Skyyer provides user with an international library of tourist information, major city guides, and local maps to ensure that no matter where users travel they will have a mobile resource to both orient and educate themselves on their surroundings. Skyyer is currently available on the Apple App Store.  

Developed specifically for technology minded adventurers, this app features an in-depth catalog of various destinations around the world. Each included city guide on average features over four hundred destination points. Such points include top sightseeing areas, popular and delicious dinging options, as well as a wealth of information on locations and descriptions of local accommodations. Furthermore every specific destination guide includes thousands of high-definition photos that will users both visualize where they are headed as well as serving as a helpful visual reference point during their travels.  

Skyyer represents a stand-alone mobile travel utility in part because its continuously updated and expanding library of city information means that it is virtually impossible to use this app to its full extent. This app includes multiple language options as well as a book marking feature so that users are able to quickly and easily save specific destination spots within a given city to use for reference while traveling. Skyyer also allows users to search and review specific destination areas to forego the hassle of manually finding individual bits of traveling information. Because users are all able to review individual destinations, anyone using Skyyer can quickly sift through various prospective destinations and discover which locations are great to visit and which ones are complete duds. Maintaining a boundlessly complete catalog of interactive travel guides Skyyer is one roaming utility that no modern travel can do without.  

About the Developer: 

Skyyer Mobile Ltd. is dedicated to providing travel minded applications that allow travelers to have all the information on any place they visit in their hands instantly. The organization is currently focused on developing multi-purpose travel apps for Apple Devices.. Copyright © 2010 Skyyer Mobile Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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