ShutterBee: Tracking All Your Trekking

ShutterBee: Tracking All Your Trekking



Unless you’re doing it with friends or a partner, travelling can get very lonely. Even in the company of someone else, moving from country to country, continent to continent can still be a very solitary activity. It’s also stressful, sometimes to such a degree that we forget to savour the moment. Auslogics attempts to address both these well-worn issues with their new app, ShutterBee. Despite sounding like some kind of photographic aid, it’s actually all about travel. Acting as a kind of Lonely Hearts Club for travellers who want to share experiences and connect with each other, ShutterBee is something you won’t want to be without next time you go globe-hopping. It’s free and it’s out now for iOS.

There’s something inherently communal when you boot up ShutterBee. It feels like an app people are signed up to because they want to share their travel memories and genuinely enjoy each other’s profiles and trips. The coolest feature about ShutterBee is easily the automatic check-in. If you leave the app in an open mode, it will automatically record the places and countries that you visit and check you into them in your online log. This is a perfect solution for backpacking holidays or interrailing experiences, where you’re going through towns and cities so fast you might forget you were there in the first place.

The app allows you to post four different kinds of updates to your followers. The first is a standard photo, maybe a landscape of Lake Bled or an ominous shot of Edinburgh Castle. The second is your basic check-in, where you announce to the online world, ‘I was here! And it was (probably) good!’ The third is a big photo; you’d best utilise this when you need the extra space, for example, if you were taking a snap of a Japanese Shinto Shrine in its best orange Autumn colours, or if you were peering over the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher. The fourth is a big-bastard panoramic photo which you utilise for the Swiss Alps money shot.

As you can tell, the app can be as diverse and as interesting as the users make it. ShutterBee has huge potential to grow and become something global and really unique; a place for travelphiles (is it a word? It is now!) to gather and share their stories and photos. Check it out now if you’re curious about a certain country, and for those of you about to set off on trips, make sure you’ve got this little baby packed with you!

Globe-hop your way to the App Store to set off with ShutterBee today for free!


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