ArkMC: The Ultimate Online Middleman

ArkMC: The Ultimate Online Middleman


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Do you ever find yourself with just too many windows open on your phone or device? Especially when it comes to Safari, that thing breeds windows like a prison-sprung rabbit. Add the various media players and programs and apps and social media nonsense into the mix, and you’ve got one hell of an overloaded piece of hardware.  Not to mention the way the Blu-Ray player is connected to the PS4, which is controlled by the TV, which only turns on if the home stereo kicks in first. Then the USB has to be plugged in the back of everything to watch a film or show, and believe me, you WILL put it in the wrong way around first. Ever have these problems? If you’ve got too much media on your hands, you’d do well to check out ArkMC, the new streamliner from Arkuda Digital, out now iOS and Android.

ArkMC is an online media hub that acts as an online middleman, easing relations between your various devices, helping everyone work together to achieve a common goal; fluid playback. It utilises Universal Plug and Play (UPnP for short), which is essentially peer-to-peer networking, only all devices are governed by the boss-device running ArkMC. Essentially, any media can be sent to your TV screen or stereo, played through any device on your network.

If this prospect excites you, then you’re probably the type of person who would benefit from ArkMC. You can control the whole thing from your favourite chair or bed. The fluidity of the app is astounding, so much so that it can merely act as a mediator between devices without having any of the content on itself. For example, say you have the app installed on your iPhone, but you wanted to play a .mov file from your laptop on your plasma screen. A couple of clicks on ArkMC and you’re home free. If this sounds complicated, trust me, it’s not. The interface is exceptionally easy to navigate.

If you own or consume mountains of media, ArkMC is a godsend. It is extremely fluid and very simple to use. It runs a wide range of both audio and video formats, making it a serious competitor for sparring programs like Media Player Classic and VLC. It is fully functional with both XBox and Playstation, essentially future proofing itself by ensuring it will stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys as virtual gaming dominates the online field more and more. The premise behind the app is simple but ingenious. This particular middleman more than deserves his cut.

Connect to the App Store or Android Store to start streamlining your media today!

(Free Lite version also available.)


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