Share your life through photographs with Instagram App

Share your life through photographs with Instagram App

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simply download ‘Hipstamatic’, which gives you plenty of cool filters for your iPhone’s camera

When Robbie Williams decided to leave the boy band phenomena of the nineties, ‘Take That’, he was regarded as a music industry joke, famously dubbed a ‘fat dancer’ by that sharp wit Noel Gallagher; that was until he released his critically lauded solo album ‘Life Thru a Lens’ and the accolades started falling at his feet. It’s unlikely that he had the ‘Instagram’ iPhone App in mind when he conjured up the album’s title; however, it perfectly sums up the very nature of this handy new App.

One potential drawback is that you have to set up an account to use ‘Instagram’ as opposed to just using the filters for your own personal photos; however, if you don’t want to share your snaps, simply download ‘Hipstamatic’, which gives you plenty of cool filters for your iPhone’s camera.

‘Instagram’ seems to be a blend of various other Apps and websites, taking the best elements from its peers and producing an App that can become so much more than just a sum of its parts. Essentially, it is a forum by which you can share your daily photographs, updating your profile with your snaps for your followers and friends to ‘Like’ and comment upon. Sound familiar? Yes, well it may seem like the bastard lovechild of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter produced by a heavy night on the sauce, however it is a forum solely dedicated to photographs as opposed to the banal status updates and quasi-intellectual haikus of Facebook and Twitter and it focuses purely on the sharing of photographs rather than the hard sell of Flickr.

By providing users with over a dozen free filters to alter and tweak the way in which your iPhone’s camera captures your picture perfect stills, ‘Instagram’ is a fantastic way for you to share your daily photographs for free. You can even post your location on Foursquare as you update your account with every new photograph, so fans and followers can come and try to match your best shot! Let’s just hope the App developers don’t continue the trend of following Robbie Williams’ album titles as inspiration for their next production…it would only be a matter of time before they got to ‘Rudebox’.

Price: £FREE, App Developer: Burbn inc.

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