Samurai Girl: The Next Karate Kid Is A Woman!

Samurai Girl: The Next Karate Kid Is A Woman!


Samurai Girl iPhone App Review
Boys are always tougher than girls, right? Wrong. Take one angry young lady looking for revenge, her pet phoenix and a samurai sword then make that statement again. New from the Korean developers CJ Internet comes Samurai Girl, an all action RPG style game that looks set to be an April smash.

The story begins with Hikaru setting out on a quest for revenge after her family were butchered by the evil Delta-M, who wanted control of Sakura, the Divine Sword. Hikaru managed to escape with the sword, but lost her memory in the process. The basis of the game is to restore her memory using her swordsmanship skills and to find Delta-M and exact revenge.

Battling through each different level, Hikaru will have to complete a number of NPC-given quests, all of which will supply her with more information about the evil forces whom she wishes to unload her anger on. In the cut and thrust of each level, you can find skill books dropped by your enemies, allowing you to upgrade your array of sword techniques. Thirteen expert sword-fighting techniques can be unlocked, turning Hikaru into a swashbuckling swordswoman of superhero proportions. Hikaru seems to have more energy than a marathon runner and puts it to good use, bouncing around the screen like a ninja who has consumed one too many coffees. It all makes for a frantic, action-packed gaming experience.

There is also a fantastic sub-plot to the game that involves training Hikaru’s pet phoenix. The bird evolves as you feed it various meats purchased at town shops once you have rid the place of all its villains. Once the bird grows to a hulking size, Hikaru is able to take flight on its back, allowing you to reach areas that were previously inaccessible by foot.

Samurai Girl also features a mini game challenge, seeing you survive 100 waves of enemies on becoming queen of the mountain and also the standard unlocking of items allowing you to upgrade and strengthen your equipment.

The developers have excelled in the variety of characters and backgrounds on show. You’ll have to work your way through stunningly designed worlds, with over 50 quests and 16 bosses to get to the evil Delta-M. This is more than just another RPG game. There is minimal time spent strolling around looking for clues and plenty of fast paced action to keep you enthralled for longer than average.

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