4 Green iPhone Apps for Earth Day and Beyond!

4 Green iPhone Apps for Earth Day and Beyond!


Green iPhone Apps for Earth Day and Beyond
What are your plans for reducing your carbon footprint this Earth Day? If you responded, “Nothing ‘ or ‘Wait, what? It’s earth day?’ then you definitely need to get your butt in gear. Luckily paying homage to Mother Earth this Friday (and beyond) does not have to be difficult, or expensive. It is as easy as picking up your iPhone and downloading an app or two. Here’s a list of some handy green apps that will help you eat locally, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your car more environmentally friendly.

1. Carbon Tracker – Free, Developed by: Logo Design & Marketing Ltd CarbonTrack - SAP

carbon tracker iphone app review

Carbon Tracker is one of the best green apps available because it is free and allows you to calculate your daily carbon footprint. The app analyzes your daily lifestyle patterns, accounting for activities like commuting, business trips and vacations, and then recommends changes to your routine to maximize your efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint. Carbon Tracker lets you create target goals for reducing your emissions every month and lets you track your progress towards reducing your emissions.

2. Green Meter – $5.99, Developed by: Hunter Research and Technology, LLC greenMeter - Hunter Research and Technology, LLC

green meter iphone app review

Green Meter transforms your iPhone in to a tool that helps save money and the world at the same time. By tracking your car’s fuel consumption, acceleration and mileage over a given time period, , Green Meter will display your driving habits against a graph of recommended driving practices to help you get the most out of every drop of gas. By helping you maintain the most efficient cruising speeds and acceleration rates while driving, using Green Meter can help you squeeze more miles out of every drop of gas. This handy little app will set you back around $5.99, but it can pay for itself with money and fuel savings.

3. iLocavore

ilocavore iphone app review

Become a local food nut with iLocavore. A locavore is someone who aims to only eat food that has been produced and grown in the local community. Eating locally reduces your carbon footprint by minimizing the fuel needed for transporting food while at the same time supporting your local economy. By supporting local farmers and keeping local farms economically viable, you also help protect open space in your community that may otherwise be bulldozed for homes and shopping centers. iLocavore promotes your “local” lifestyle with an easy to use geo-tagged database of community food producers, independent retailers, food co-ops and restaurants that use local food products.

4. 3rd Whale Mobile

For $1.99, 3rd Whale Mobile helps you locate and differentiate green businesses in your area. Choose between a number of categories from services and food, to retail and map them out within a certain range. 3rd Whale Mobile is a great app for learning about and discovering sustainable businesses in your local area. If a local business is green, it’s probably in there.

About the Author: When he’s not out skiing the Utah powder, Greg Buckskin is a writer and blogger for Comcast.


  1. […] In addition, CarbonTrack’s footprint functionality, allows you to measure your mark for “Electricity”, ‘Travel” and “Waste”. This is crucial in that it allows you to glean insight into the environment and because it even “recommends changes to your routine to maximize your efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint”. […]