Robot Unicorn Attack iPhone App: Now Available on Android

Robot Unicorn Attack iPhone App: Now Available on Android


Robot Unicorn Attack iPhone App Review

Ever wonder what it would feel like to step into a world where dreams came true and unicorns jumped on rainbows while dolphins flew through the sky? Wait no more. Until recently, the Robot Unicorn Attack app has only been available to iPhone and iPad users. The creators of the game have now expanded it for Android as well. The app is sold for $.99 in the marketplace and can easily entertain the average user for hours. Robot Unicorn Attack is a vivid side scroller game in which the user has three wishes to make their dreams come true.

The scores for each wish, or turn, are added up at the end to make the final score. The user has two abilities in the game: dash and jump in order to jump from rainbow platform to rainbow platform and crush large stars in the way of the path. Possibly the best part of the app is the background music that plays throughout the entire round: 1994 classic “Always” by Erasure. There is something about running through a mystical land of rainbows and flying dolphins while trying to make your dreams come true that really compliments this song.

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