iStudiez Pro: An Essential iPhone App For Students

iStudiez Pro: An Essential iPhone App For Students


iStudiez Pro iPhone App Review

Calling all college and university students; are you organised? Chances are you’re probably not. Don’t argue. You’re not. Coursework is not meant to be filed away with the takeaway menus on your living room floor. What you need is iStudiez Pro.

For just £1.79 iStudiez Pro allows you to enter everything about your university course; from the names and dates of terms and modules, to your class and exam timetable. While it takes a little while to enter everything, once it’s there the app will keep track of your life effortlessly, providing reminders for deadlines and a daily timetable that updates on the fly.

Notifications of upcoming deadline or classes are pushed to your iDevice – however this, and the ability to back everything up, is not available in the free iStudiez Lite.

This app isn’t just a calendar or a timetable; you can enter contact details and office hours for all of your tutors, organise deadlines by date, priority or course, and even keep a track of your grades.

With its clean and easy-to-read UI and the ability to assign a different colour to every course or module, as well as including a huge set of icons, iStudiez Pro is as attractive as it is powerful. The app also syncs with your Calendar if you so wish, meaning the one app can be used for everything.

iStudiez Pro is incredibly flexible and it doesn’t matter how you’ve organised your life before, the app will almost certainly work how you want it to

The app is also available on the Mac App Store, letting users sync their data between iPhone and Mac, offering a truly comprehensive organiser for college and university students.

Pros: Low price, attractive UI, many options and the ability to sync keeps everything up to date.

Cons: Some options can be difficult to find, you need to drill down through menus to find them.



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