Reel Big Fun With Fishing Simulator PocketFishing

Reel Big Fun With Fishing Simulator PocketFishing


unnamedHaving tried (and failed) snagging ‘catch of the day,’ on the dating scene of Plenty of Fish for the last ohyoudon’tneedtoknowhowmanymonths, I decided to nourish my inner angler in a more traditional way, so that the next time I cast out my net, I land a marlin. However, not wanting to drop my line in the Thames of inner city London (since when did fish grow feathers anyway?) I settled for oven baked fish fingers and a big night in on the couch with PocketFishing the new virtual reality fishing simulator from the Russian developer PageNet.

Being Russian and wonderfully patriotic, the developers have set the scene of the app in some of the country’s most iconic rivers and lakes, from the calm waters of the Voronka River (think Tolstoy’s local dipping hole) to the majestic tarns of Altai. It’s here that you’ll find a huge variety of exotic fishes that’ll keep you entertained without charging you a monkey (see cockney rhyming slang) for the privilege.

The dedicated fishing fans out there will love the games rich graphics as well as the realistic cast of the line, bend of the rod when a fish bites and the gratifying reel when you’ve landed your prize. The soothing soundtrack inter-spliced with the outdoorsy sounds of nature make the playing process that much more enjoyable and captivating.

The game’s interface is simple and intuitive to use, making it easy to play even for novice gamers. You can experiment with a wide range of different fishing tackle and bait that will help you to hone your fishing skills and eventually hook you a really huge catch (although I’d stray from using any Russian recipes to even virtually-cook your spoils).

Given the game’s dedication to realism I was surprised to find that it’s free to download with little- to-no advertorial interruptions. I’d highly recommend it to any fishing fans out there from young to old and anywhere in between.

So if you’re tired of the no-results dating scene then cast your line into the deep waters of the App Store today and get fishing!


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